Ugly Stik Ugly Tuff Series ICAST 2020

Ugly Stik® Gives New Meaning to Fishin’ Ugly with the new Ugly Tuff™ Series

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 14, 2020) – You’ve been fishin’ Ugly all your life with Ugly Stik rods. Now it’s time to get even uglier with Ugly Stik’s new Ugly Tuff™ Spinning and Spincast reels, reels tough enough to wear the Ugly Stik name.

Made for anglers demanding durability out of their gear, new Ugly Stik Ugly Tuff spinning reels feature an Ugly Tuff aluminum body, machined aluminum spool, graphite rotor and a 5 bearing system. These reels deliver the same tough as nails durability that Ugly Stik is known for.

“They’re not supposed to be pretty — they’re built to be tough,” said Ugly Stik Vice President of Marketing Jon Schlosser. “Ugly Tuff reels are designed to be thrown in the back of the pickup truck and used regularly. It doesn’t matter what species of fish you’re after, the Ugly Tuff reels are built for the fight.”

The Ugly Tuff Spincast models feature a three bearing system, Ugly Tuff aluminum frame as well as front cone, and an always-on instant anti-reverse. Both the spinning and spincast models have an unmatched tactical design that will stand up to the toughest fights both on and off the water.

Ugly Tuff Reels Specifications:

Ugly Tuff Spinning Reel

  • Ugly Tuff Aluminum Body
  • Ugly Tuff Machined Aluminum Spool
  • Ugly Stuff Graphic Rotor
  • 5 Bearing System
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • MSRP: $49.99 – $59.99

Ugly Tuff Spincast Reel

  • Ugly Tuff Aluminum Frame and Front Cone
  • 3 Bearing System
  • Always-on Instant Anti-Reverse
  • Pre-Spooled (6-, 8- or 20-pound-test mono)
  • 7-Year Warranty
  • MSRP: $24.99 – $29.99