The Chick Magnet Has a Little Brother.

Columbia, S.C. – July 20, 2022 – Fresh off an ICAST 2021 “Best of Category” win for the launch of the Chick Magnet, Strike King is pleased to announce a new crankbait on the scene, the Chick Magnet Jr.  This little brother to the 2021 fan favorite weighs in at 1/4-ounce and offers the same proven features of the original.  Strike King once again teamed with MLF pro and back-to-back FLW Angler of the Year Andy Morgan to design the new size of the award-winning lure.

Like the original, the Lil’ Chick is a tribute to the legendary craftsmen of East Tennessee who carved flat-sided crankbaits by hand out of cedar and balsa.  “Those early lures I remember so fondly growing up on Lake Chickamauga had action like no other, with a tight wiggle,” offered the Dayton, TN pro.  For decades, the balsa flat-sided plug was a closely guarded secret of the region, where these homemade plugs were built to produce an erratic action and an unmistakable thump that excels in tough conditions.  Morgan and lure-designer Marion Tipton poured heart and soul into perfecting the art of the flat-sided plug design.  With the help of Strike King in 2021, the two smalltown innovators shared it with the world.

As lethal as the old hand-carved balsa plugs were along the Tennessee River, Morgan was never quite satisfied with their durability and casting distance.  With Strike King’s superior engineering, the team has introduced a lure that retains all the fish-catching qualities of the legendary plug with supreme castability and long-lasting build.

The Chick Magnet Jr is ideal for targeting fish in tougher conditions and excels in cool water, as well as when fishing pressure is high.  Morgan also uses it after a weather front has made for a challenging bite.

Pro Angler Kevin VanDam is no stranger to the mystique of the flat-sided plug.  “This pared-down Chick Magnet is a go-to for me when I need a smaller bait while cranking in stained water,” offered VanDam.   “When I am looking for maximum water displacement to get their attention, I turn to the Chick Magnet Jr.”

Strike King offers the Chick Magnet Jr in 13 colors with a MSRP of $9.99.  For clear water, Morgan prefers the Green Gizzard Shad, Natural Shad, Natural Bream and Sexy Shad 2.0.  When fishing stained water, Morgan often switches to a Chartreuse with Blue/Black Splatterback or a Chartreuse Copper.  His personal favorite color in the line is “Tip’s Special,” which pays homage to the legendary lure craftsman and his personal friend, Marion Tipton.