New Bitsy Family Adds Additional Size Options to Popular Strike King Baits

Columbia, S.C. June 28, 2023 Strike King releases the new Bitsy family, a line up of four popular Strike King baits now
available in a “bitsy” size. Anglers can find some of their favorite Strike King baits like the Sexy Dawg, KVD Splash, Red
Eyed Shad in a super small finesse profile that will catch fish from coasttocoast, anywhere there is water.

“We built these baits with one goal in mind to offer a lineup of baits that anglers at every level can use to catch a ton
of fish,” says Lucas Murphy, Strike King Brand Manager. The Bitsy family provides a finesse profile that can be more
efficient at triggering finicky bites. The team at Strike King ensured that all Bitsy lures were built to provide all the same
benefits as the originals, just in a smaller package. “Everyone gets excited when they get their hands on the new Bitsy
products. We made sure that they match the quality and action of their fullsized siblings,” Murphy shares.

The full Bitsy family includes the Bitsy Dawg, Bitsy Splash, Bitsy Red Eyed Shad, Bitsy Jerkbait and Bitsy Spinner which is
available in 1/16 oz., 1/8 oz., 1/4 oz., and 3/8 oz. Not only will these help anglers catch a boatload of bass, but countless
other species have been falling victim to these new Bitsy products. Bass, trout, panfish no fish is safe when Bitsy rolls
into town!


Bitsy Spinner: $3.99

All other Bitsy products: $5.99