NetBait BF Toad

Buzzing the new BF Toad across the water’s surface will produce jarring strikes on its own or add it onto the back of a buzz bait for the ultimate vibrating/kicking trailer.  

The BF Toad is the ultimate search bait that will bring the bass to you with the perfect amount of action and noise. Rigged weedless, the bait will easily come through any cover from slop and cheese to lilies and grass. 

Fish it at varying speeds to alter what the fish hears and sees as the BF Toad swims by or try burning it across the surface to search and find bass, then pick your area apart with a NetBait worm or creature bait.

The BF in the name stands for BaitFuel which is infused throughout the body of the bait. BaitFuel is scientifically proven to trigger a predatory response in fish and will keep them holding on longer when they erupt on the NetBait BF Toad from American Baitworks.