Lew’s Releases New Tournament Grade MACH Jacked Combos

Columbia, S.C. June 28, 2023 Take your passion for the chase one step further with the new MACH Jacked combos. MACH Jacked combos are the most premium, tournamentquality combos ever offered from MACH available in spinning and baitcast models.

“These combos are truly the best combos the market has ever seen. Extremely lightweight, extremely sensitive. Take them to fish a derby this Saturday from a bass boat or kayak or be locked and loaded to tackle a local pond,” shares Tony
Mehrl, Brand Manager for Lew’s.

Delivering heightened precision and control, the baitcast combos feature a premium 10bearing system with stainless steel double shielded ball bearings, a MultiSetting Brake system (MSB) with internally adjustable centrifugal braking pins and externally adjustable magnetic braking, and come available in five bassfocused, tournament level lengths and actions for avid anglers.

The spinning combos provide unquestionable performance with a premium 10bearing system, lightweight C40 carbon rotor with one piece bail, an extremely smooth drag system, and a new Comfort Plus ergonomic spinning reel seat, available in three bassfocused, tournament level lengths and actions for weekend warriors and fierce competitors alike.

Both spinning and baitcast combos are built with extremely lightweight Tanso Tech reel frames and HM50 rod blanks with Winn® DriTac Ultra ProWeave™ split grip rod handles and reel handle knobs, providing the texture and appearance of carbon weave matched with the extreme comfort and feel of Winn Ultra material.

“I promise you, the reels used in these combos will stand up against the best out there on the market. They are extremely lightweight, extremely smooth, and are up to the task in really any scenario. They’re ready to roll,” Mehrl says.


Spinning: $249.99
Baitcast: $259.99