For the Adventurous Angler On a Budget

COLUMBIA, S.C. (Oct. 17, 2023) – Greys Fly Fishing is proud to unveil our latest offering, the CRUISE reel and CRUISE combo, designed with the dynamic, modern fly angler in mind. For those whose adventures span beyond just fly fishing, this combo is the ideal companion, marrying impeccable performance with unmatched value. Performance fly gear at an exceptional price is the Greys promise, and we’re sticking to it.

For those who don a backpack, love to capture their adventures, and tread both fresh and light saltwater terrains, the CRUISE range stands out as the perfect blend of utility and sophistication. The new CRUISE reel boasts a robust large arbor, stunning, full cage design, durable aluminum construction, and an efficient disc drag mechanism, ensuring your reel is built to withstand the demands of both freshwater and saltwater encounters.

Beyond just the reel, the all-new CRUISE combo offers beginners and enthusiasts a comprehensive package featuring a medium-fast action 4 pc CRUISE fly rod matched with the Greys CRUISE large arbor fly reel and comes ready to fish with backing, WF line, and leader, all neatly packaged in a premium rod and reel case.


  • High quality die-cast, machine-finished construction
  • Rulon disc drag system
  • Modern large arbor industrial design
  • Supplied with reel pouch
  • Available in sizes 5/6 and 7/8


  • 4 pc medium fast action Cruise fly rod
  • Aluminum reel seat with carbon spacer
  • High quality die-cast, machine finished Cruise reel
  • Modern large arbor industrial design
  • Rulon disc drag system
  • Supplied in a quality hard rod and reel tube
  • Matching backing, WF line, and leader
  • Available in a 9’ 5-wt, 9’ 8-wt and 10’ 7-wt

In a world teeming with options, we understand the need for simplicity. The CRUISE Combo is the perfect kit for those who value both quality and price. Take the guesswork out of your first fly fishing outfit and opt for this carefully curated combo that ensures both quality and affordability, and dive into a world of fly without breaking the bank. After all, it’s not just about catching the fish; it’s about cherishing every moment of the journey.

The CRUISE Reel & CRUISE Combo are now available.
Reel MSRP: Starting at $69.95
Combo MSRP: Starting at $189.95