Gamakatsu® Gika Rig for Bass ICAST 2020

Tacoma, Washington (July 13, 2020) It’s a fishing rig perfected in Japan, and now the Gamakatsu Gika Rig proves a remarkable technique for catching largemouth and smallmouth bass across North America. “The Gika Rig combines the natural presentation of finesse fishing with the speed of power fishing,” said Gamakatsu Sales Manager, Jeff Roberts. “It’s a deadly blend of tactics that bass find irresistible!”

Gika Rigs use an off-set shank worm hook with an elongated drop shot weight attached directly to the eye via a solid ring. The drop shot weight features a snap that allows anglers to quickly change the size of the weight when the situation calls for it and is painted black for stealthy presentations. The weight size is permanently stamped into the side of each weight making it easy to identify when it’s time to make a change.

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Changing weights controls the depth and drop speed of the bait adding to the rig’s versatility. The position of the weight allows anglers to ‘feel’ the bottom, detecting transitions in composition and helping find fish-holding structures. Another advantage is its natural swimming and dropping motion. The solid ring allows the plastic bait to float freely and rotate from side to side as it descends. It slips through vegetation with ease and grabs the attention of bass. The Gika Rig offers a different presentation than most other anglers’ baits, and it may be the edge you need to put more fish in the boat especially in lakes with extra angling pressure.

Many different soft plastic baits like worms, craw imitating, or creature baits, perform superbly on Gika Rigs. Plus, they each produce a different action. The Gamakatsu Gika Rig includes weights paired to the hook for best performance, sold two per package.

Gika Rig Features:

  • New technique developed in Japan
  • Combines the natural presentation of finesse fishing with the speed of power fishing for any number of plastics
  • Offset worm hook, elongated weight attached to the eye via solid ring
  • Weight size can be changed to adapt to any situation
  • Size: 2/0 (1/8, 3/16); 3/0 (3/16, 1/4); 4/0 (1/4, 3/8)
  • Color: NS Black
  • Qty/Pack: 2 (including weights)

Gika Rig Weights Features:

  • Quick attach clip
  • Stealthy black finish
  • Weight size stamped on the side
  • Size: 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 3/8
  • Color: NS Black
  • Qty/Pack: 4