XZone adds NEW Adrenaline Craw and Adrenaline Bug Jr to their line-up

4.25” Adrenaline Craw

The new X Zone Pro Series Adrenaline Craw is the brain child of one of the hottest anglers on earth; Brandon Palaniuk!!

This exciting new bait is fresh for 2021! The super aggressive claws produce unbelievable action . Use alone for great swimming action, tip your jig with it to give great water disturbance or add it to your chatter bait for what will be unmatched performance. Floating Claws are also featured on this bait! Never has a bait with such aggressive attributes been offered with floating claws. Perfect presentation, every time!

Use what Palaniuk uses and get the 4.25″ Adrenaline Craw!

3.5” Adrenaline Bug Jr

Like its bigger brother , the 4″ Adrenaline Bug, the NEW 3.5″ Adrenaline Bug Jr.  is designed to provide a great creature bait presentation that bass love! The floating qualities found in this bait make it 100% NEDable.

The soft, body and floating claws make this bait irresistible to bass. Once they feel this soft bait in their mouth – they will not let go. The specialized plastic, super fine salt and scent infused formula used to make the Adrenaline Bug allows the claws to float at rest for a time, mimicking the defensive stance of a real crayfish. All of these exceptional features produce a creature bait that swims, hops and undulates in the water creating a NEW unique sonic signature and vibration that BASS LOVE!!!

The Adrenaline Bug Jr is extremely versatile. It is available in 12 proven fish catching colors to cover a wide variety of applications, including flipping, pitching and punching.