Unique Sound And Head-shaking Action Offered in New Spro Cyclone Prop 80

Kennesaw, GA Along with his success as a professional bass angler, Shin Fukae is known for his devotion to the sport both on and off the water. Always thinking. Always looking for the advantage. And that includes ideas for  bass lures. The crew at SPRO has teamed with Fukae for a new prop/plop bait, the Cyclone Prop 80, that already has Shin excited for his next tournament and maybe another Angler of the Year title.

The SPRO Cyclone Prop 80, at 80-millimeters (just over 3-inches,) does offer a number of Shin Fukae advantages. Along with being available in a variety colors for various conditions, the lure will entice bass with its unique head shake as it moves through the water, while the rear metal blade emits a unique sound – all in hopes of driving a bass so crazy it pounces on it.

“And there’s even more to it to make it easy to fish,” said SPRO’s Syd Rives. “We use a SPRO swivel in line tie to keep the bait from rolling while providing anglers with more leverage versus when hooked up. With Cyclone Prop 80, more of your hooksets will lead to more bass brought to the boat.”


  • Body Size: 80mm (just over 3-inches)
  • Connection: SPRO swivel in line tie
  • Hooks: Gamakatsu #4 trebles
  • MSRP: $15.99