Terry ‘Big Show’ Scroggins, Bernie Schultz weigh-in after town hall meeting on future of Rodman Reservoir

“I’ve held more than a couple of town hall meetings before and rarely have I seen so many pick up trucks waiting in the parking lot for me to get done,” joked Jacksonville’s Daniel Davis. “I know I’m not the most popular person in the room.” His good humor was enjoyed even by those opposed to him in an emotional meeting. Several members of Save Rodman Reservoir addressed Davis during this meeting in Palatka, Fla. regarding the proposed breaching of the Kirkpatrick Dam which forms Rodman Reservoir. Bassmaster Elite Series Pros Bernie Schultz and Terry Scroggins sumarize their impressions of the situation and what went on at the meeting. Peter Thliveros and Glenn Browne were among the cadre of professional anglers in attendance.

Long story short, a group of Jacksonville politicians made a deal with a 5-member extreme enviro-political group to appeal to the Army Corps of Engineers to bust the dam. The tradeoff is that the River Keepers will refrain from filing law suits that would delay the dredging needed to deepen JaxPort – 60 miles and 2 counties away from Rodman Reservoir.