Huntsville, AL – September 18, 2019 – T-H Marine Supplies, Inc., of Huntsville, Alabama, has added a new product to their PROP MASTER® line: the PROP MASTER® PROPELLER STOP. By design, the PROPELLER STOP, or PROP STOP® for short, makes the process of changing props significantly easier and safer. The PROP STOP® works simply by sliding it onto the cavitation plate, where it securely chocks the propeller and gently keeps the blades in place during propeller removal and installation. The prop nut can then be torqued loose or tight depending on whether the PROP STOP® is slid to the left side or right side of the cavitation plate.

“When designing the PROP STOP®, our team did an excellent job making it effective while also making sure it was simple to use and affordable, too,” said T-H Marine President and CEO, Jeff Huntley. “Whether you are an experienced mechanic or a weekend boater, the PROP STOP® is a must-have so each prop change is easier and safer.”

Following the example of the PROP MASTER® Propeller Wrench, T-H Marine made the PROP STOP® to be non-corrosive in saltwater environments and brightly colored for greater visibility. Additionally, T-H Marine builds both the Prop Master® Propeller Wrench and the PROP STOP® with quality materials that are both strong enough to get the job done and forgiving enough to reduce potential harm to your hands and your prop.

To use the PROP STOP®, T-H Marine advises consumers to turn off the ignition or disconnect the battery, position the PROP STOP® center with the propeller blade tip, slide it onto the right side of the cavitation plate for propeller removal, and slide the PROP STOP® to the left side for propeller installation.

The new and improved PROP STOP® is now available online and will also be available through a variety of retailers. With distribution and sales in full swing, boaters can expect to see increased availability and information from their choice of retailers, online stores, or directly from T-H Marine at thmarine.com/propstop.

For More Information About the PROP MASTER® PROP STOP® Propeller Chock

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