Swindle talks NFL draft, white gravy, and top lures at Neely Henry Elite

Courtesy of Alan McGuckin – Dynamic Sponsorships

Gerald Swindle is clinging to his Positive Mental Attitude mantra as torrential rains and flooding washed most of what he learned in practice for the Whataburger Bassmaster Elite on Neely Henry downstream.


But he took a few moments on the eve of competition to talk football, good grub, and what to expect when the derby starts Thursday in Gadsden, Alabama 50 miles from where he grew up.


Q: Were you at all surprised that six Crimson Tide players were chosen in the first round of last week’s NFL draft?

Swindle: Heck no, I’m just surprised it was only six and not eight.


Q: How will you deal with the insane current in this river right now?

Swindle: If you fight the current, the current will beat you. So, I try to let the current tell me where to fish.


Q: Will practice help you at all, or did 6” of rain wash away all the wisdom you gathered?

Swindle: I lost everything I learned Monday and Tuesday, but Wednesday’s practice was definitely helpful.


Q: Will you spend most of your time upriver where the water is flooding, or down toward the dam where it’s falling super-fast?

Swindle: I’ll stay sort of in the middle rather than battle either of those extremes.


Q: What four lures can fans expect to see the Elite Series anglers throw a bunch this week on Neely Henry?

Swindle: Spinnerbait, buzzbait, swim jigs, and Texas rigged pitching baits.


Q: It’s dinner time, what’s the best meal you’ve eaten since arriving in Gadsden?

Swindle: Lulu and I are camping at River Rocks Landing and she made a chicken fried steak covered in white gravy that was awesome, and a lemon chicken alfredo that was pretty dang good too.