Swindle: heavy spaghetti and soaking crankbaits at Guntersville Elite

Courtesy of Alan McGuckin -Dynamic Sponsorships

At the end of a speed walk back from a boat ramp bathroom, and just before launching at Day 1 of the Berkley Bassmaster Elite Series on Lake Guntersville, Team Toyota’s Gerald Swindle took time to talk about everything from soaking his Rapala crankbaits to wife Lulu’s spaghetti.


Q: You posted a picture on social media last night of Rapala crankbaits soaking in water inside a Y’all Sweet Tea mug, what was going on there?


Swindle: I had drilled four microscopic holes in them to let the water soak into the famous Rapala balsa wood, which will make ‘em sink a little better, and dive a little deeper.


Q: How many pounds would you be happy with catching today to go to bed tonight knowing you had a great day, and a solid chance at Sunday’s Top 10?

Swindle: 21-pounds


Q: What’s the very first lure you’re going to throw today?

Swindle: One of those custom-soaked DT crankbaits.


Q: How was Lulu’s spaghetti last night?

Swindle: Good and gone. I put four paper plates together to hold the weight of it all.


Q: You’re a music lover. What song is stuck in your head right now?

Swindle: Old school country – John Conlee’s “Rose Colored Glasses.”


“These rose colored glasses that I’m looking through show only the beauty. ‘Cause they hide all the truth.” – John Conlee (1978).