Strike King completes the avid angler’s tackle box with four new additions to the terminal tackle line-up

Columbia, S.C. – July 20, 2022 – Strike King, the creator of some of the most essential tackle designs of the last half century, is proud to announce five new terminal tackle products that will be trusted additions for avid anglers in 2022.  Introducing the Strike King Tour Grade Mini-Mag Worm Jig Head, and the Tour Grade Crackin’ Tube Jig Head, the Bitsy Crackin’ Tube Jig Head, the Tour Grade Tugnsten Neko Weight and the Strike King Tour Grade Weight Stop.

The Tour Grade Mini-Mag Worm Jig Head follows the success of its bigger cousin, the Mag Jig Head, which has gained notoriety since its 2017 release as a staple for serious soft plastics anglers.  The key for the Mini-Mag’s preeminence on the water is the premium-grade Owner Twistlock Spring that holds bait firmly in place and protects the integrity of the plastic throughout long hours of fishing in the heaviest of cover.  Unlike other jig heads with a twist lock, the Strike King Mini-Mag’s Locking Spring swings freely, allowing a worm or creature bait to move freely during retrieve, resulting in superior action, and just as critical, increased hook penetration during a hookset.  Anglers who pay a premium for a tour grade Strike King jig head expect to land more fish and achieve a more natural presentation.  That is what you get with the new Mini Mag.  The cobra-style nose of the Mini-Mag Jig Head, made popular by Strike King’s successful Structure Jig, has proven to be highly effective at maneuvering the bait through heavy cover without constant snags, while maintaining exceptional contact with the bottom. The Mag Jig Head has proven to be a winner for brush pile and ledge fishermen.  Now, with the reduced profile and downsized 3/0 hooks, the Mini-Mag brings a little more finesse to a standout jig head. The Mini Mag Jig head comes in 2 colors and 3 sizes with a MSRP of $5.99

Additionally, the Tour Grade Crackin’ Tube Jig Head is a must for anglers who have rediscovered the fish-catching power of the KVD Pro-Model Tube and the Denny Brauer Flip-N-Tube.  With its Extra-Wide hook shank, the Crackin’ Tube Jig Head is the ideal tackle for a variety of tube rigging techniques.  Key to its success on the water is the teardrop design of the lead head, which places the majority of the weight at the front of the tube.  Coupled with its 70-degree horizontal line tie, anglers have a tube that will fall in a smooth, diagonal manner.

Strike King Pro Angler Mark Zona has relied on the Strike King Tube all over the country and considers it to be a consistent performer.  “The Strike King Coffee Tube and Tour Grade Crackin’ Tube Jig Head are a deadly combination for Smallmouth, Largemouth and Spots,” the Michigan native said.  “It’s a ‘must have’ on the deck of my boat.”

While anglers have traditionally relied on the tube as a finesse lure, Zona and a growing cadre of competitive anglers have found that upsizing the jig head can improve the strike.  Zona explains: “This is no longer strictly a finesse bait for me.  I have found over and over that a heavier Strike King Crackin’ Tube Jig Head produces a faster rate of fall that will cause a bass to pound this lure.”  The Strike King Crackin’ Tube Jig Head is available in six different weights and is equipped with a 3/0 hook, with a MSRP of $4.99

Anglers who depend on the tube to tackle their finesse applications will find the Strike King Tour Grade Bitsy Crackin’ Tube Jig Headto be an essential item on the deck.  Like its bulkier cousin, the Bitsy head places the majority of the weight in the front of the tube and features a 70-degree line eye to perfect the strike-enticing fall of the tube.  The Bitsy is also available in six different weights, and features a downsized 2/0 hook, ideal for a 2.75 Strike King Fat Coffee Tube. The MSRP for this junior size is $4.99

Strike King is pleased to offer its first Tour Grade Weight Stops, ideal for a host of different applications on the water.  Weight Stops are an absolute must for anglers who use sliding lead or tungsten weights when punching vegetation mats or flipping in heavy cover, as they serve an essential role in keeping the weight near the soft plastic.  This is a simple and easy application to a soft plastic flipping or punching rig that will actually help put more fish in the boat.  Additionally, Carolina Rig enthusiasts have grown fond of the Weight Stop for protecting swivel knots from the friction of a heavy sliding weight, or for eliminating the need for a leader altogether. Strike King’s silicone engineering of the Tour Grade Weight Stops provides exceptional durability and keeps the weight stop firmly in place throughout multiple hours of casting. MSRP is $7.99 for a 54 pack.

Finally, for the finesse fishing enthusiasts, Strike King announces the Tour Grade Neko Weight.  Built with tungsten, the Tour Grade Neko Weight is designed for extra durability to provide years of fishing without corrosion.   Strike King has engineered the Neko Weight with a pointed, cone-shaped body to be quickly and easily inserted into a plastic worm or other soft plastic.  It features a ribbed body to keep the weight securely in place inside the soft plastic for prolonged use and throughout multiple fish catches.  Strike King is offering the Tour Grade Neko Weight in four sizes so that anglers have ultimate control over the rate of fall for their finesse soft plastics.  MSRP is $5.99 to $6.99

The Tour Grade Terminal Tackle line-up is designed with serious anglers and tournament competitors in mind.  For those who depend on the finest equipment to perform at the highest levels, only Strike King will do.  Tie one on!