Spell & Eaddy Weigh 5 For 23.56 To Win Cashion Rods Bass Trail Qualifier #2 On Jordan Lake!


Woo Lordy it was hot but we still had a good crowd of 44 teams fishing!! The winds were light & variable, the air
temps ranged from 74 to 96 with a heat index of 106 and the water level was right at normal pool. Surface water
temps averaged 85 warm degrees! The teams did a great job of keeping their fish healthy and we only lost a few.

Jesse Spell and Wade Eaddy landed 5 bass weighing 23.56 lbs to take 1st Place and 2nd Place Big Fish
(7.01 lbs.) for a total of $1,278!

1st Place Team…Spell on left….Eaddy on right.

2nd Place team was Josh Whitford and Donovan Welch with 5 bass weighing 22.93 lbs. They also won 1st Place
TWT to take home a total of $1,335. The 3rd Place Team of Jaime Fajardo and Josh Hooks netted 5 bass
weighing 19.85 and also won 2nd Place TWT for a total of $787. 1st Place Big Fish (7.08 lbs.) was caught by the
9th Place team of William Small & Lee Williams worth $602 giving the a total winnings of $707. The prize
money got spread around pretty good making a lot of teams happy!!!

110 bass were brought to the scales for a total of 356 pounds averaging 3.24 lbs. each. Most were caught on
Carolina worm rigs, spinnerbaits, crankbait & jig combos in mostly water up to 9 foot deep around submerged


I want to thank Cashion Fishing Rods and all the anglers that participated. Our next tournament will be the
2016 Cashion Fishing Rods ‘End of Year’ Team Tournament Bass Fishing Trail Qualifier #3 , Saturday August
6th at Falls Lake out of Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp. All the information on our tournaments can be found

Now here are the full results:
1st Place: Jesse Spell & Wade Eaddy of Cary & Sanford…5 bass…23.56 lbs…$1,020
2nd Place: Josh Whitfield & Donavan Welch of Linden & Lillington…5 bass…22.93 lbs…$565
3rd Place: Jaime Fajardo & Josh Hooks of Fuquay Varina & Apex…5 bass…19.85 lbs…$457
4th Place: Jeremy Martin & Charly Vaughn of Rougemont…5 bass…18.66 lbs…$352
5th Place: Terry & Hunter Collins of Sanford…5 bass…18.49 lbs…$317
6th Place: Todd Massey & Tim Parker of Chapel Hill & New Hill…5 bass…17.68 lbs…$282
7th Place: Tim Emory & Dean Livingston of Durham & Hurdle Mills…4 bass…16.58 lbs…$246
8th Place: Todd Sumner & Mike Dinterman of Southern Pines & Oxford…5 bass…16.25 lbs…$176
9th Place: William Small & Lee Williams of Wake Forest & Durham…5 bass…15.69 lbs…$105

1st Place Big Fish: 9th Place Team above…7.08 lbs…$602
2nd Place Big Fish: 1st Place Team…7.01 lbs…$258

1st Place TWT: 2nd Place Team above: 22.93 lbs…$770
2nd Place TWT: 3rd Place Team above: 19.85 lbs…$330


Next Tournament For 2016 ~ August 6th
PBC Cashion Fishing Rods ‘End of Year’
Team Tournament Bass Trail ~ Q#3
Blast Off Approx. 6:15am…1st Flight Weighin 2:15pm
Arrive early and launch Boat 1st…Then Check In.
Entry Starts at 5:00am…Cash Only At The Ramp.
Click Here For All The Information On This Trail.
This is also an ‘Open Event’.