Shallow or deep – take your pick – in North Carolina BFL on Lake Norman Saturday

The Walmart BFL North Carolina Division tournament Saturday on Lake Norman can be won shallow – or it can be won deep – according to a veteran angler who is always one to be reckoned with in BFL tournaments in the Carolinas.

“We’re supposed to have a little foul weather on Monday and that will make things better for both the shallow water guys and the guys fishing for suspended fish,” said Maurice Freeze of Concord, N.C., who finished second in the points standings in the North Carolina BFL series in 2011.

In fact, although the temperature will range from the high 60s to the mid-70s over the next few days, a front is moving through the area with showers expected Wednesday, isolated thunderstorms Thursday, thundershowers on Friday and scattered thunderstorms on Saturday, the day of the tournament.

“With a chance of thunderstorms, I would associate that with being a stormy day with the wind blowing,” said Freeze. I am always hoping for the wind to be blowing some. That just helps the shallow water fishing, especially in a clear lake like Norman is – and especially right now because it is really, really clear.”

With the warm temperatures this week, Freeze said he thinks a lot of fish will be moving up on the banks.

“I’ve not looked to see what moon we are on, but there should be some fish bedding down in Ramsey Creek. I doubt if they will be anywhere else, but there are going to be fish looking in that direction and those pre-spawn fish will be feeding up and getting fat.”

Freeze, who placed 19th in the South Carolina Division BFL on Lake Murray last weekend, said anglers will catch fish in several different ways Saturday.

“If the wind blows good there will be some caught on a spinnerbait. The jerkbait will be good and the small crankbait will be good, something that runs 10 feet deep or less. And then you will have The Alabama Rig® guys out there catching them suspended,” he said.

“We might get our butts beat by the Alabama Riggers,” said Freeze who is a shallow-water angler.

“I feel like this tournament can be won either way, fairly deep or shallow. It will be just how the day goes, but there should be some good weights. I look for it to take anywhere form 16 to 18 pounds to win it.”

Freeze has finished in the top five six of the seven years he has fished the North Carolina BFL Division, with two first places, two seconds and one fifth place. He has also finished in the top 10 seven times in the South Carolina BFL Division, with three firsts, two fourths, a fifth place and a 10th place.

Contending for the points title is simply a matter of trying to catch a decent limit, he said.

“I just go to fish and catch limits. Usually the limits will keep you right up in the points. If you catch the limit in every tournament you will be in the top 10 in points,” he said. “I just go and try to put five fish in the live well in a tournament and it seems to work pretty well for me.”


Walmart BFL – North Carolina Division

Sat, Mar 3, 2012

Lake Norman

Midway Marina