Introducing Seaguar® TactX™, a new four-strand braided line with a natural camouflage color that reduces line visibility. Seaguar, the inventor of fluorocarbon fishing lines, will include a 5-yard Seaguar fluorocarbon leader inside each box of TactX™, a fishing industry first.

Seaguar 101 TactX

“TactX Braid is complement to our new BasiX fluorocarbon mainline, where we’re supporting the millions of anglers who are either fishing for the first time, getting reacquainted with the sport or managing a tight budget,” said Gerry Benedicto, Seaguar General Manager.

TactX™ is a precision casting braided line with features that make it a perfect choice for everyday anglers. It is engineered to maintain its perfectly round shape and stay firm to minimize rod tip wrapping and wind knots. When spooled onto a reel, it packs tightly without cutting into itself, which also helps reduce dreaded backlashes.

It’s woven from multi-color earth-tone strands that are heat-set for better color retention and creates a natural camouflage color that reduces line visibility. The round nature of the braid gives it excellent castability, abrasion resistance and overall strength with a “pebble” texture to add durability and help it cut through vegetation.

Inside each box of TactX™ is a 5-yard Seaguar fluorocarbon leader material to allow anglers to experience a braid to fluorocarbon connection with a quality leader material. The pound test of each fluorocarbon leader will be matched to the corresponding size of TactX™. The spool box includes a QR code, which when scanned, sends anglers to a website featuring braid-to-leader knot video tutorials from Seaguar pros.

Seaguar’s Benedicto noted, “We tried to make it easier for anglers by engineering this braid to minimize wind knots and backlashes and include a fluorocarbon leader in the box to make it a very user and budget friendly option”.

Available in retail stores in mid-January, 2022, new Seaguar TactX™ camo braided line will be available in 10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, and 80 lb tests in both 150 and 300-yard spools with a MSRP of $16.99-$31.99.