Seaguar Its High-Visibility Smackdown

Seaguar® Expands Its High-Visibility Smackdown™ Arsenal
Visual strike detection puts more fish in the boat. Indeed, keen-eyed anglers frequently describe instances of their line jumping unexpectedly, going limp when it was previously taut, or charging off to the left or right — all telltale signs that a bite has occurred and that it’s time to set the hook. Seeing bites, rather than only feeling them through the rod, requires a high-visibility line — one that can be readily seen by the angler under all weather conditions and during all hours of the day.

“Any application where I need to see my line to watch for bites,” notes Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Chris Zaldain, “like fishing a Carolina Rig or pitching a big worm under a dock, high-visibility braided line becomes a key component of my presentation.” Seaguar now offers the perfect solution for these situations, or more generally, when a strong, high-visibility braid is paired with big baits and heavy tackle: Smackdown™ Flash Green.

Seaguar Smackdown is a premium eight-carrier braided line manufactured with a high-density weave to give it a perfectly round profile and an incredibly smooth finish. You’ll appreciate those differences every time you present a bait with Smackdown — advantages that let you cover more water with each cast so you can catch more fish on every trip. Smackdown’s slick finish also makes it remarkably quiet through the rod’s line guides and virtually eliminates wind knots. Smackdown is truly the ultimate braided line.

Seaguar Smackdown Flash Green assembles all of these advantages and capabilities into a high-visibility braid that is perfect for any application when strikes are detected not only by feel, but also by sight. Previously available in 10, 15, 20, and 30 lb test for spinning rod-based presentations, Smackdown Flash Green is now also available in heavier 40, 50, and 65 lb test, perfect for spooling onto a baitcasting reel. Combine Smackdown Flash Green with a Seaguar 100% fluorocarbon leader to enjoy the best of both worlds: slick, strong and highly visible above the water; supple, abrasion-resistant and nearly invisible below.

Photo Courtesy of BASS

At the recent Bassmaster Elite Series event on Lake Eufaula, Zaldain put Smackdown Flash Green to the test, boosting him to another top-10 finish – one of 21 that he has secured during his storied career. “For this event’s offshore bite, I was casting a big eight-inch flutter spoon along river channel edges. Every time I jerked the spoon upward, I needed to see my line as the spoon fluttered and tumbled back down. The Flash Green color pattern let me track the line perfectly and see bites throughout the entire retrieve.” Zaldain spooled his baitcasting reels with 50 or 65 lb test Smackdown Flash Green, and added a 25 lb test Seaguar Tatsu 100% fluorocarbon leader to minimize line visibility at the lure. “Once I saw the bite,” continued Zaldain, “I had total confidence that Smackdown would help me get those fish into the boat. Smackdown’s zero-stretch characteristics meant that I could get a powerful and effective hookset, even at the far end of a long cast. Many of my key spots had scattered brush and timber along the ledges, and Smackdown’s exceptional knot and tensile strength gave me the confidence to yank some real giants out of that jungle and into the boat.”
Seaguar Smackdown – Chris Zaldain
Photo Courtesy of BASS

Photo Courtesy of BASS

With Smackdown Flash Green, every angler chasing big fish with large baits and heavy tackle can enjoy the same benefits that were once the exclusive domain of those fishing smaller lures or finesse presentations: long casts, exceptional knot and tensile strength, and unparalleled abrasion resistance, combined with a bright, easy-to-see color and woven into one of the thinnest-diameter braids on the market for easy handling and enhanced sensitivity. Spool up with Smackdown Flash Green, available in 150-yard spools of 40, 50, and 65 lb test with MSRP $29.99, and one cast — one strike — one fish in the boat will help you appreciate why Seaguar lines and leaders are Always the Best!