Roberts & Owens Weigh over 24 pounds for the Win and $4,459 on Jordan Lake!

Courtesy of Raymond Jones – Collins Boating

As you can see from the picture above, the first event of the 2019 Collin’s Inc. – Bass For Cash Series was held yesterday at Jordan Lake, NC.  The Collin’s Crew started tournament preparations onsite at Farrington Point Wildlife Landing at 3:00AM.  91 Adult Teams & 12 Youth Teams for 104 total were registered for this event that featured free food, free giveaways, coverage from land and on the water, and improved payouts for the anglers.  The first place team of Keith Roberts & Billy Owens took the victory with a five fish limit weighing 24.08 lbs.  They were awarded $3,549.00 for their 1st place finish.  Roberts & Owens also caught a “GIANT” 9.11 lb bass that took big bass honors for the day and paid out $910.00.  All said and done, the Roberts & Owens duo rolled out of the parking lot after the pig picking with two first place trophies and $4,459.00 in winnings for the day.  Congratulations Keith Roberts & Billy Owens!

Second Place was secured by Brandon Gray & Todd Massey with a limit of bass weighing 22.32 lbs.  Gray & Massey secured a $1,774.50 payday Saturday for their 2nd place finish.  The third place team of Chuckie Creech & Colton Davis also had a five bass limit that weighed 21.96 lbs and netted them $1,001.00 for their day of fishing.

2nd Place 

3rd Place


The Top 12 Boats were issued checks Saturday in the 1st 2019 Collin’s Inc. – Bass For Cash Event on Jordan Lake, NC.


1st       24.08 lbs

Keith Roberts, Billy Owens  $3,549.00


Big Fish  9.11lbs

Ketih Roberts, Billy Owens  $910.00


Total Roberts & Owens Winnings:  $4,459.00 


2nd     22.32 lbs

Brandon Gray, Todd Massey  $1,774.50


3rd      21.96 lbs

Chuckie Creech, Colton Davis  $1,001.00 


4th      21.59 lbs

Johnathon Holloway, Collin Ford  $637.00


5th      21.31 lbs

Mike May, Dale Winstead  $455.00


6th      20.18 lbs

Stephen Lasher, Chad Fare  $341.25


7th       19.66 lbs

Britt Oquinn, Brian West  $295.75


8th       19.61 lbs

Skeet Bennett, Buster Seabolt  $273.00


9th       19.25 lbs

Mike Merchant, Brad Mclaurin  $250.25


10th    18.94 lbs

Ron Clark, Ronnie Clark  $227.50


11th     18.53 lbs 

Rich Szczerbala, Jamie Olive  $182.00


12th     18.34 lbs 

Larry Hipps, Patrick Arzonico  $136.50