Rhino Hitch – When you’ve got a lot “Going on”

Rhino Hitch in simple terms is the most Versatile Adjustable Hitch on the Market. Period. No other truck hitch gives you the flexibility of the Convert-a-ball system along with the adjustability that is unheard of in the towing industry.

AC President Chris Brown tows mulitple trailers on any given week and he needs a quick, reliable, and adjustable hitch to help him get the job down in a proficient manner. Brown has been using the Rhino Hitch since early March and he literally threw away his other “adjustable” receiver. “It was such a pain in the butt to adjust, one trailer tows at one point and another is either lower or higher. It was messy and frankly a pain. The Rhino Hitch’s adjustability and ease of use is unparalleled and you’ll never see my truck without one.”