Prym1 Camo’s Lance Walker with a Pickwick Stud!

Mississippi’s Lance Walker has well been known as a big fish guru on Mississippi waters and his latest catch only solidifies this title. Here is Lance’s take on his recent double digit bass from Pickwick Lake.


“With the amount of rain we had been having, Pickwick had rose about 4 feet and current was rolling thru and out the dam into Kentucky lake. I decided with the pretty weather (finally) after church to take spend a few hours with a friend on the water.

Noticing the water temp was back over 50 degrees (around 53) and some color in the water the thought was the fish that wanted to bite may move a little shallower especially later in the day as the water warmed. We found a stretch on the river with hydrilla in about 8 foot of water. We really could not believe that the current had not washed it away but it was good and green.

Fish number 1 was a 3 pound largemouth then a 3.5 pd smallmouth and then her. She bit a Shaker Z by Profound Outdoors and was landed on a 7’6 mh hammer rod and 12 pound test vicious flourocarbon. I knew she was over 12 when landing her but my scales were in Cole’s (my son) boat so we started quickly looking for boats to find a scale.  Luckily the second guys we stopped on were from Russellville and they had a scale we could use and they helped us weigh her and take pictures.

Immediately after, we took her right back to her grass bed for release. From now thru March is the time to catch giants on the TN river and it’s condition oriented. The 3 largest fish I’ve caught have been a 15.48, 13.30 and 12.7 and now this 12.24 have all came from Jan – March time frame.”