PENN Launches New Battle® III Reels & Combos ICAST 2020

Packed with Upgrades to Put up a Fight, PENN® Launches New Battle® III Reels & Combos

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 16, 2020) — Long recognized for their undeniable strength, smoothness, and durability, the PENN® Battle® spinning reels are revered among saltwater anglers and feared by the fish they meet. With the introduction of the next generation, the new Battle III spinning reels and combos continue to be a workhorse on the water while remaining one of the most accessible reels in the PENN family. Tackling a wide variety of saltwater applications, the new Battle III series is enhanced with PENN’s best gear technology, which is sought after by everyone from inshore, to offshore and surf anglers.

Already a well-known series for PENN, the Battle III takes must-have saltwater characteristics like strength, smoothness and durability to the next level with the inclusion of PENN’s proprietary CNC Gear™ Technology which ensures the pinion and drive gears are cut to exact tolerances using premium metals. The new Battle III reels include the proprietary PENN HT-100™ Carbon Fiber Drag System for smooth drag even when battling hard-pulling saltwater fish and a full-metal body and sideplate. Combined, these features make the Battle III ideal for inshore, surf and select offshore application.

“The Battle series of spinning reels were already one of the best sellers in the market, but we knew we could improve them,” stated Mike Rice, Category Director for PENN. “Adding CNC gearing to the already tough aluminum body and sideplate provide tremendous durability at a great price point.”

Additional reel features include a superline-ready spool to negate the need for backing, line capacity rings for easy reference while fishing or spooling and 5+1 sealed, stainless-steel ball bearing system. Built to handle the abuse that’s unavoidable for saltwater fishing gear, the reel comes in nine different sizes, ranging from 1000 to a new 10000 size. Three high-speed reel configurations designated by an eye-catching red-and-black trim package are also available. The new PENN Battle III reels have MSRPs ranging from $99.95 to $149.95.

The Battle III Combos feature graphite composite blanks with updated actions for inshore models, PENN Dura-Guides and a Sea-Guide double locking nut reel seat. Also new for 2020 are two new travel models which include a case, reel and spare spool. Prices for the combos range from an MSRP of $129.99 to $199.99.

PENN® Battle® III Spinning Reels: Specifications

Reel Size/MSRP:
1000/$99.95 • 2000/$109.95 • 2500/$109.95 • 3000/$119.95 • 4000/$119.95 • 4000 High Speed/$119.95 • 5000/$129.95 • 6000/$129.95 • 6000 High Speed/$129.95 • 8000/$139.95 • 8000 High Speed/$139.95 • 10000/$149.95

Gear Ratios:

5.2:1 – 1000
6.2:1 – 2000 / 2500 / 3000 / 4000
6.2:1 – 6000 High Speed
7.0:1 – 4000 High Speed
5.6:1 – 5000 / 6000
4.7:1 – 8000
5.3:1 – 8000 High Speed
4.2:1 – 10000

5+1 Sealed Stainless Steel Bearing System

Key Features:
• CNC Gear™ Technology
• HT-100™ Carbon Fiber Drag System
• Full metal body and sideplate
• Line-capacity rings for easy reference while fishing or spooling
• Superline-ready spool with rubber gasket negates the need for backing

PENN® Battle® III Combos: Specifications

Reel Size/MSRP:
1000/$129.99 • 2000/$139.99 • 2500/$139.99 • 3000/$149.99 • 4000/$149.99 • 4000 Travel/$179.99 • 5000/$159.99 • 6000/$159.99 • 6000 Travel/$199.99 • 8000/$169.99

Key Features:
Battle III Reels
Graphite Composite Blank
PENN® Dura-Guides
Sea-Guide Reel Seat (double locking nut)
Cork and EVA grips
Rubber Shrink Tube Handles
Graphite reel seats
3PC Travel Models (Case, Reel, & Spare Spool Included)

July 2020