Nightwave, marine digital night vision camera can now stream to a mobile device via the new SIONYX app

SIONYX, leader of digital night vision camera technology, announces the launch of the new SIONYX app, offering Nightwave camera users more flexibility and installation options.
Nightwave, which launched in July 2022, is the first of its kind digital night vision camera which allows mariners to see a 44-degree field of view in color in ultra-low-light conditions. Upon launch, the marine camera could only connect to a boat’s MFD via analog or a computer system via USB to display video. With the addition of the new SIONYX app, the WiFi-enabled camera can now seamlessly stream live video to a tablet or phone. This option gives night vision accessibility to all types of boaters and offers more situational flexibility than ever before. In addition to its streaming capabilities, the app has convenient control functions that help users set up their camera for optimal use. Over time, the SIONYX product team will work to enhance and add new features to the camera, which will all be upgradeable through the app via over-the-air firmware updates.
Nightwave was created to provide navigational aid and added safety to those operating a boat in ultra low-light conditions. Whether a mariner is cruising to distant places on a sailboat, or a fisherman is traversing the open sea before the sun comes up, Nightwave is a tool that enhances safety on the water and allows boaters to navigate with confidence.
SIONYX App Key Features:
• Stream Nightwave video up to 30fps via WiFi: Mariners can connect their WIFi enabled Nightwave camera and stream to any mobile device that supports Android or iOS through the new SIONYX app. Users also have the option to connect Nightwave to a boat’s MFD via analog output, integrating into existing electronics systems.
• Connect multiple mobile devices to one Nightwave camera: Multiply the eyes on the sea by connecting to multiple mobile devices or connect Nightwave to an MFD and mobile device simultaneously, increasing nighttime vision to make voyages in the dark even safer.
• Stay up-to-date and in complete control: The Nightwave app offers easy-to-use command and control features and over-the-air wireless firmware updates to ensure that mariners have the latest software.
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