New SPRO® Flutter Tail Shrimp Excels Both Inshore and Offshore

Kennesaw, GA (XXXX) – SPRO® announces the introduction of the 3 inch Flutter Tail Shrimp, the most lifelike and realistic soft plastic shrimp imitator on the market and a tool that will excel on inshore and offshore species alike. 

As the name suggests, the key to this lure is its distinctive and ultra-natural fluttering tail action, which calls fish from a distance yet doesn’t scare off highly pressured fish. It is an excellent tool in clear, stained and dirty water, or anywhere fish eat shrimp or similarly-built crustaceans. It can be fished shallow or deep for 12 months out of the year, which means it will never have to leave your boat. It’s made of super-durable Dura Tuff material, so anglers will catch more fish but use fewer baits, and with the Amino Bite infusion, all species will grab it, but they won’t let go.

SPRO Flutter Tail Shrimp Features

  • Size: 3 inches
  • Construction: Dura Tuff
  • Total Colors: 10
  • Scent: Amino Bite
  • Number Per Pack: 5
  • Fluttering Tail Action