New for 2022, SPRO® Debuts the KGB Chad Shad 180 Glide Bait

Kennesaw, GA New for 2022, SPRO® and KGB Swimbaits team up to develop the KGB Chad Shad 180. One of the great advances in fishing over the past several years is the development of glide baits. These oversized, single-jointed, hard-bodied fish imitators were created to mimic trout in California lakes but have morphed into replicating large bass prey across the country. The KGB Chad Shad 180 can resemble virtually any baitfish that bass feed on, such as trout, shad, perch, and other types of fish. 

The Glide Bait designed by SPRO and KGB Swimbaits has been perfected with experience to provide the performance of a custom hand-made bait. Versatility is key as the SPRO Glide Bait offers control from super slow retrieves to the fastest burn, wide glides, or choppy cuts. Complete control of depth and direction is easily achieved with the new SPRO Glide Bait.

This glide bait will be user-friendly, so even a novice will have a high precision bait from the get-go as the bait does the work on its own. The new SPRO Glide Bait will be offered in five colors to imitate the food supply in natural color schemes like silver, gray, white, and multi-colors. 

At 180mm in length and 2.4oz in weight, this glide bait isn’t too much for the beginner angler yet still provides the seasoned fisherman with everything needed in a lure. Gamakatsu treble hooks ensure the catch when the time comes. Use the SPRO Glide Bait as your ace up the sleeve when it’s time to weigh in a big bag!


  • 180mm length
  • 2.4oz
  • Slow sink ROF 3-4
  • 2 Gamakatsu #1 treble hooks
  • MSRP: $59.99