“Negative Ghostrider, The Calendar is Full!”

Jason Duran


This time of year, you are probably looking at your calendar and trying to find some time off to spend with family over the holidays.

You may be looking to try to join a Black Friday tournament or just sneak off in the woods for a little hunting.

If you are anything like me, you have other people always adding things to your calendar that you have to attend.

If you want to follow all the pro fishing that’s going to be happening next year, the team here at AnglersChannel have a few more things to add to your calendar.


We have started to put together the 2019 Pro Calendar where all the pro tournaments are listed in one place.

So now you can add this to your calendar and let everyone know you are going to be busy watching or attending events.

Click the link to view and Download next years 2019 Pro Tour Calendars



Next year MLF has planned their BPT schedule around a “Family Friendly Schedule.” This will allow for pros to be home for all family holidays.

This is huge for the anglers. They can be home to enjoy the very important family time. The pro tour is hard enough with all the travel and time away from home but it is even harder when the whole family is gathered together,

and a father can’t be home for Father’s Day. I think this is a great step forward that the BPT planners placed the importance on the anglers and their families.


Looking at the other schedules, it looks like BASS and FLW have also worked hard to stay away from major holidays. Unless you fish the Costa’s or the Opens.

If you fish the Central Costa on Table Rock, you better bring home the trophy just to keep mama happy for Mother’s Day.

The Southwest Costa on Grand Lake is on Father’s Day weekend. So, if you were hoping for a big BBQ lunch you better make the drive home Saturday night. The rest of the family holidays are wide open and provide time for anglers to be with their families.


There are only 52 weeks in the year and trying to fit in all the tournament stops is tight. Gone are the days when pros can fish multiple tours.

This year there are weekends when all three pro tours have events on the same weekend. For example, in April the MLF BPT will be on their 4th Tour Stop, BASS will be at Winyah Bay and FLW will be at Cherokee. That is an action packed weekend.

Three weeks later it is the same thing just different lakes, MLF BPT Tour stop 5, BASS TX Fest at Fork, and FLW is at Lake Chickamauga. There are multiple weekends when just two of the trails conflict as well.

We will have to wait for MLF to announce their locations to be able to tell if their guys will be able to fish one of the Costa divisions, but as of right now looking at the calendar, many of those divisions already have a conflict.


So, what does all this mean?

Well for us that like to watch fishing there will be hundreds and hundreds of hours to watch fishing. Many of us will need three monitors to watch all the action.

Like the past years there will be many Fridays you will want  to tell your boss that the office internet needs to be upgraded so you can keep up with all the action.

You will still get to watch all your favorite anglers fish and next year there will be a bunch of new anglers for us all to get to know.


This coming year is really going to be interesting and probably hard to catch it all. You can use the 2019 Pro Calendar to start planning now to watch live or attend the event of your choice.

We here at AnglersChannel will do our best to help you find all the action you missed. It is going to be a great ride. I cannot wait for next year to start!


Roll Tide!



Outdoor Writer & Podcaster Jason Duran from Mississippi loves to spend time on the water fishing tournaments with his Dad and competing on the Alabama Bass Trail. Don’t hold it against him but Jason is also a BIG Alabama Crimson Tide Football Fan.