Lay Lake Bass Stuck In Wintertime Mode

After the 40th Annual 2011 Birmingham Boat Show ceased last Sunday I immediately started booking fishing trips to various Alabama lakes for the remainder of the winter and the upcoming spring season. Yesterday, we went to Alabama’s Lay lake. As we launched the boat I noticed the cold, morning water temperature at 41 degrees. I told them we were in for a very slow day of fishing.(See:

My clients, a young man and his buddy were loaded for bear. Between them both they had 6 tackle boxes and about 15 rods. They both also had some lures in a sack they had not even opened yet. Obviously they had been shopping before our trip!

We started the day fishing main river flats, all around a few islands (featuring standing timber) and the mouths of creeks. By 10 a.m. they had caught 3 bass. One spotted bass about 2 pounds that had hit a shaky head pumpkinseed (with dyed chartreuse tail), 6 inch zoom trick worm. Two more bass, both largemouth bass, came out of 2 feet of water, both were caught on a chrome / black back 1/2 ounce rattle trap.

As midday came around they had not even had another bite. Three bites all morning in 41 degree water temps. We needed warmer water for more active bass!

So as we returned from fishing far upriver, I decided to stop and fish the warm water discharge coming from Wilsonville Steam Plant, located on the main lake just below the mouth of Yellow Leaf Creek. I’m glad we did! From 1 p.m. until 3 p.m. they had 11 bass off of those rocks, located just below the Wilsonville Steam Plant main water discharge. Most bass were in 5 feet or less depths.

Nine of those bass were spotted bass, with some close to 3 pounds, fighting very hard in the swift, main river current. Two were largemouth bass, weighing about 2 pounds each. Some bass came on worms, jig combos and mid-running crankbaits. Variety! I was just glad to see those young men learn something and catch some bass! In all they had 14 bass, nothing real big, but lots of fun on a day I was expecting much less…

With 60 degree air temperatures predicted for all of Alabama this weekend, its time to get out the boat and go fishing! By Sunday, Lay lake’s water temps could be near 50 degrees! More reports coming soon as spring arrives, Reeds Guide Service will be reporting from fishing tournaments and guiding on most of Alabama’s lakes!


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