Episode 1 Podcast with Brandon Palaniuk, FLW Big O Winner – Tim Frederick & More!



Welcome to the First Ever Episode of the AnglersChannel Insider Podcast!

It is our vision to bring you interviews with winners of all different tournaments no matter the size or prize, as well as bring you insider interviews with top touring Pro’s, Industry Leaders and more.

So join us for Episode 1 as we discuss Contingency Programs and whats your best bet to manage your opportunities in 2018 with Jason Baggett & Jason Duran of Contingense.com.

We also talk with Tim Frederick, the FLW Tour Winner on Lake Okeechobee and cap it off with an interview with our good friend and BASS Angler of the Year, Brandon Palaniuk!

We may have gotten a little excited with this episode and we admit we left some good stuff on the editing table but dont worry, we will learn time management and wrangle it in.

Join us today and Welcome to the Anglerschannel Insider Podcasts!