Redefining Performance in Saltwater Fishing

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 5, 2023) – Just in time for those saltwater flats trips, the Hardy Marksman Z Fly Rod is a groundbreaking addition to our premier saltwater rod range. This innovative rod leverages the latest in performance materials to deliver a level of strength, reduced weight, and durability unmatched in the market.

The Hardy Marksman Z Fly Rod is designed to be an angler’s ally in the unpredictable and varied challenges of the saltwater environment. From calm, early morning runs to windy afternoons, the Hardy Marksman Z ensures an optimal cast, even from an unstable platform.

This rod is designed with a unique blend of feel, power, and recovery, resulting in a product that promises an unrivaled fishing experience. As a hundred pounds of chrome goes airborne, or as six pounds of silver leaves the flat as if fired from a gun, you can be confident that the Marksman Z in your hand can do the job and, of course, the adrenaline rush is guaranteed.

This exceptional blend of characteristics was brought to life through a collaborative design process. In partnership with some of the world’s finest saltwater guides, seasoned anglers, and industry legends, we’ve crafted the Hardy Marksman Z to be the perfect tool for your perfect moment in salt. Built with Sintrix FLT that is applied to an updated mandrel design, the Marksman Z was created with a strong butt section that gives you increased lifting power in the lower section of the rod making it strong enough to pull big fish from cover yet extremely light in the hand.

The Hardy Marksman Z Fly Rod stands up to the most demanding saltwater conditions, offering the reliability needed for everything from Gold Cups to Grand Slams and a thousand different challenges in between. Regardless of the changing tides or shifting winds, the Hardy Marksman Z is your steadfast companion in the saltwater world.

“We’re delighted to introduce the Hardy Marksman Z, the newest addition to our superior range of fishing rods,” said Jim Murphy, Director of Fly Fishing for Hardy. “Our goal is to provide anglers with the best possible equipment that can stand up to any condition, and we believe the Hardy Marksman Z Fly Rod exemplifies this commitment.”

  • Sintrix FLT on an updated mandrel design
  • Increased lifting power in the lower section
  • Reduced overall in-hand weight
  • Easy to load yet fast tip recovery for more accurate casts under pressured situations
  • Hybrid ring specification that blends durability and practicality using both Cerecoil and recoil stripper guides
  • Aluminum uplocking reel seat with easy to grip locking nuts to ensure a solid reel fit

MSRP: Starting at $995
Available:  September 2023