Boo Guill and Dennis Drust Win 21st Annual Strike King Fish Off on Kinkaid Lake

Courtesy of Luke Estel – Tournament Team Blogger


The 21stAnnual Strike King Bass Fish Off sponsored by 17thSt. Bar and Grill held on Kinkaid Lake was a huge success. We had 100 boats show up for this great event. Before I go any further, I would like to give all of you readers some fun facts. 100 boats seems like a decent size field for an open event, but I would like to put this into perspective. Here in Illinois, our lakes are small compared to the rest of the country. Kinkaid Lake is only 2750 acres which is tiny, and with 100 boats fishing, it gets pretty crowded. Kentucky Lake is around 160000 acres and Guntersville Lake is 59000 acres. Doing a little math equates to this. If we use 100 boats per every 2750 acres that would equate to 5800 boats on Kentucky Lake and 2500 boats on Lake Guntersville. Just wanted to share that with everyone.

After eight hours of fishing, the team of Boo Guill and Dennis Drust came out on top. They reported finding one stretch of bank that the fish had pulled up to spawn due to the full moon. The water was dirty and they had multiple spawn bites and were able to land five keepers weighing 19.41 pounds. They bested the rest of the field by over seven pounds. They took home $5000 for first and tied for big bass grabbing another $500.

2nd. Rustin Haves-Russ Ellison 5-12.24

3rd. David Hines-Terry Tindall 5-12.13

4th. Pete Pedigo-Jason Wright 5-11.28

5th. Mark Crawford-Mike Crawford 5-11.15

6th. Lewis Schweizer-Roger Asbury 4-10.60

7th. Kevin Renth-Kyle Monical 3-9.97

8th. Joel Huie-Don Fieck 3-9.17

9th. Curtis Tope-Derek Tope 3-9.15

10th. Zack Guill-Lonnie Sadler 3-8.43

11th. Shaun Brayfield-Kody Rathert 3-8.26

I would like to thank all of my friends for coming out and helping. We would not be able to pull of such a great event without you. My wife, Heidi. She is the one who has kept this event going and does so much behind the scenes.

The sponsors for this event do so much for us and I cannot thank them enough.

Strike King Lure Company

17thSt. Bar and Grill

Tony Chacheres

Vicious Fishing

Venegoni Distributing

Midlinn Inn