Fishin’ Tip Friday with Luke Palmer – The Wind is Your Friend

High winds can hamper your efforts to sightfish for shallow spawning bass and can even cause difficulty for those using forward-facing sonar to locate fish offshore. But winds will blow
and you need to know how to adjust, even how to take advantage, when they do.

Bassmaster Elite Series Pro Luke Palmer hails from Oklahoma where the winds howl more often than not. Following a solid performance in the recent Bassmaster Classic which saw changing conditions including some windy weather, Palmer offered this advice:

“Wind can be your friend. When it gets slick calm, it makes it really tough, so I’m gonna go ahead and try to find some wind, whether it be just a little bit of ripple or something that’s blowing really hard, I’m gonna really go and look for points.  Points are a bigtime thing. That wind is pushing up there. It’s pushing shad. It’s pushing bait. It’s turning that water up. That
allows those fish to feel more secure up there. When there’s wind, they’re up there feeding. When it’s calm, they’re up there probably just hanging out, not wanting to bite.  I’m gonna go find those windy points, secondary points, something that’s got wind on it. That way I can pick up a spinnerbait, a crankbait, something moving so I can cover water.  If they’re active, they’re going to bite those moving baits a lot better in that wind.”