Fall Feeding – Coosa River Spotted Bass Schooling On Alabama’s Mitchell Lake

Mitchell Lake. Its one of those lower Coosa River lakes you just don’t hear very much about. Upper Coosa River reservoir’s Logan Martin Lake, Lay Lake and lower Coosa River impoundment Jordan Lake all get their recognition, mostly from avid bass anglers. These lakes became famous after several Bassmaster’s Classics and Bassmasters  Tournament trails featuring the world’s best contenders, visited them. Yes, Mitchell lake is a small lake.


By Reed Montgomery / Reeds Guide Service (205) 663-1504
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Impounded 1923

Lake level: Full pool

Water Temperature 70 degrees

Air Temperatures: Mid week / Lows near 40 Highs mid-to-upper 60’s

But during the fall and early winter months, this small impoundment (less than 18 miles in length) can be big, with some great Coosa River spotted bass action!



On a rather bright, bluebird and very sunny day you do not expect to see much schooling action on the surface of the lake’s calm clear water. But recently I took a resident of Mitchell lake that got in on some great spotted bass action on what I would call a very unlikly day of bass fishing. It started out with a cool boat ride up the lake fishing near the lakes headwaters,situated right below upper reservoir, Lay lake dam.


With upper 60 degree water temps and cool air temps of the upper 50’s my client Tom, gave me a rather funny look when I handed him an open-faced rod already rigged with a big topwater lure, the Heddon Zara Super Spook. “Isn’t it to cold for topwater?” He exclaimend, as he slowly took off his hat, gloves and heavy coat. He was just thawing out from the boat ride and he had his doubts…before I could even answer.


I asked if he had fished this lure before. “Not much”, he said. Followed by, “You mind showing me how?” So I got out my spook rod and proceeded to show him how to, as they say, “walk the dog” with the swaying action of this very enticing topwater lure. With its side-by-side walk, imparted by a short jerking motion of a six foot medium-heavy, pistol grip rod. I felt right at home.


With a very l long cast, I settled the lure so far out in the patchy, morning fog that Tom had to wait a few seconds before he could even get the lure in sight! As I slowly walked the topwater lure back towards the boat I explained to him the slow, enticing walk as it came within sight. I told him, just think to yourself as you retrieve the lure and jerk, left, right, left, right, as you impart the slow, jerking action of the lure with each twitch of the rod tip.


I reeled in the lure and made another cast. Tom was starting to warm up and he then reached for the spook rod I had already rigged for him. But before I could reel the second cast in and prepare to pour myself a warm cup of coffee…I was interrupted!


A blow-up right beside the boat almost sent water splashing on both of us and I think it startled Tom so much he dropped his rod! It was a big, spotted bass looking to be about as surprised, as we were! I just swung the big bass in the boat. For I knew the freshly spooled Trilene Big Game 20 pound test line would hold. And it did.


“Well, I got mine! Get you one” I then told Tom as the big jumping spot went absolutely crazy flipping all around in the bottom of the boat. “Man that’s huge, how big is it?” (Tom as excited as I was), then said. I knew it really was not that big, but it was a good “four pounder” I then told him. What a way to start your day on Mitchell Lake! Or any lake! So I poured myself a cup of coffee and said, “you know Tom, I don’t think I can give you a better example than that!” He laughed, as he then agreed.


Suddenly, as the sun began to rise, several bass erupted on the water’s surface and a half dozen small, threadfin shad went fleeing for their lives. “Throw over there, fast! ”


He did and as he slowly walked the spook, it suddenly just disappeared with gentle slurp, as it dropped beneath water’s surface. A fish? Tom just looked stunned. Start reeling you’ve got one! I hollered. He did and the battle was on again, this time on his rod, as I just went for the net. The spot looked to be a twin of mine. Another 4 pounder!


What was really unusual, for the next 3 hours this schooling action continued! We caught and released dozens of bass, even a few largemouth bass too! All caught within sight of the dam! We stayed in the lakes headwaters until 3 p.m.


Around the bluffs, flats, creek mouths, the nearby bridge and islands! They were schooling everywhere on a sunny day, when they usually do not! So we had a great day and my new found friend Tom, learned some new lures, new places to fish and some new techniques while fishing with topwater lures, Texas rigged worms, crankbaits, rattle traps and jerk baits. Oh, and I’m sure he learned a little from a guy that showed him all about fishing that Heddon Zara Super Spook!


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