Collins & Underwood win AnglersQuest Rayburn Team event with over 32 pounds!!!

Courtesy of AnglersQuest FB Page

The team of Albert Collins and Jimmy Underwood brought 5 fish to the scales
Weighing 32.77 lbs., but came in early to try and save one of their fish but sadly it didn’t survive.
So they had to settle for 32,27 lbs. for the WIN. Albert reported catching their fish mid lake out
of his Triton powered by Mercury in 8 to 15 ft of water on main lake drops. Albert says they caught the
8lb’er on a frog. He said for the rest of their fish they used Mister Twister Hang 10 Worms, Mister Twister Mag Bust12 Worms, 6th Sense Cloud C-25 Crankbaits, and would like to Thank Elite Tungsten, Sunline, Kistler Rods, Missle Baits, Rod Armorz, Kick’N Bass. Albert & Jimmy also had the biggest bass of the day a really nice 9.23 lb’er and they took home a total of $2,135.00 for their day on the water.

The team of john Frazier & James Carlton came in second with their 5 fish limit weighing
24.42 lbs. they fished out of a Skeeter powered by Yamaha They reported fishing north in
2-3 feet of water flippin’ beavers in shallow bushes and they would like to thank their wives Angela & Tina
for allowing them the time to fish. John & James won $1,205.00 total for their day on the water.

Tommy Hill & Bubba Frazier came in third with a limit of bass weighing 21.93 lbs. They fished out of
Skeeter / Yamaha rig mid lake frogs and flipping on grass points & bushes in 2 to 7 feet of water. Tommy and Bubba won $720.00 for their time on the water and would like to thank Dylan Williams Insurance for
Their support and Ms. Penny & Ms. Dana for allowing them to chase those bass…..

Fourth place was Larry Cotton and Clint May, But Larry had to fish alone this time. Larry brought
In 5 fish that weighed 19.08 lbs and he won $475.00.Larry reported fishing out of his new Skeeter
powered by Yamaha. Larry say he fished mid-lake in 12 feet of water on crank baits. He says a couple of times he was catching 2 fish at a time….. He wants to thank his beautiful bride Ms. Tina.

Fifth place was held by the one and only Coach Glen Kimble. Glen fished mid lake out of his Bass Cat / Mercury flipping frogs and 10” worms. He wants to give a shout out to his wife Ms. Julie for all of her support. Glen won $330.00 for his day on the water.

The last place money spot goes to the team of Danny Cross & Derrick Shoffit. They reported fishing
North-ish in 2-8 ft flipping in the bushes and 18 to 20 feet off deep ledges. Danny and Derrick won
Their entry fee of $200 back and would like to Thank Jesus Christ, Shoffit Marine and their wives….

You know its only getting hotter and I understand the heat makes it hard to want to go out and fish. But I hope you know how very much I appreciate each and every one of you that come out and support Anglers Quest. As long as there as some who want to fish, Anglers Quest will be here for you guys and gals. We will be back at Big Sam Rayburn on August 3rd for the team tournament and August 4th for the next Individual Tournament. And of course Ms. Kathy will try to have you guys some sweets for when you come in and we always have iced down drinks to help cool you guys off…Now with that said, I would like some input on making weigh-in a hour or two earlier so that you guys aren’t out in the heat as long. What do you guys think??? I don’t want to make a decision with out hearing from you.