Berkley Saltwater Juke

COLUMBIA, S.C. (July 6, 2022) – The Berkley Juke is the new highly versatile crank bait for saltwater anglers with a coffin-shaped bill for maximum darting action with little effort. This flat-sided shad-shaped body, featuring a tantalizing side flash, can be cranked, twitched, or trolled with an extremely lifelike movement that entices strikes from various fish.

This unique bait was designed by world-class design engineers at Berkley Labs to provide a level of responsiveness and fantastic rolling action with minimal rod movement and is equipped with precision-tuned rattles for maximum attraction capabilities. With two sizes – 3.75” and 4”, the saltwater Juke comes in fourteen iconic saltwater patterns and scale textures to perfectly emulate several common inshore baitfish. It’s equipped with sticky sharp, 3X strong, anti-rust Fusion19 treble hooks, making it a plug-and-play bait right out of the package.

The diving depth of three to five feet gives the shallow-suspending Juke total control through the water column, making it easy to target shallow and suspended fish.

Key Features
• Two sizes: 85MM – 3.75 inch (3/8 ounce) • 100MM – 4 inch (11/16 ounce)
• 14 iconic saltwater baitfish color and scale textures
• 3 to 5 foot diving depth
• Stainless steel hardware and 3X strong, anti-rust Fusion19 treble hooks
• Chip resistant paint finish

MSRP: $9.99
Available: September 2022