Berkley Gulp! Adds Chrome Colorway to Four classic Saltwater Shapes

COLUMBIA S.C. (August 23, 2022) Berkley’s lineup of revolutionary Gulp! saltwater soft baits now gets better. Berkley Gulp! upgrades four of their classic shapes with game-changing Chrome colorways, making this bait even more life-like and enticing to fish.

Backed by science and proven to create 400 times more scent dispersion than the competition to expand the strike zone, Berkley’s proprietary Gulp! scent technology is infused into the core of each bait. The expanded colors represent another step forward in the evolution of Gulp!, as most saltwater baitfish exhibit some silver hue that flashes with the sun’s reflection. Chrome Gulp! mimics this trait with metallic tones that are available in four essential Gulp! bait shapes – Paddletail, Shrimp, Swimming Mullet, and Jerkshad and the new color offering includes Chrome, Fools Gold, Green Chrome, Purple Chrome, and Red Chrome colors.

Saltwater anglers can find the perfect fit for any inshore species with even more color options. The combination of the Gulp! infused scent and flavor, proven swimming movement, and now these new life-like Chrome colors will ensure big-fish strikes under all conditions.

Key Features:
• Paddletail, Shrimp & Swimming Mullet come in 3-inch & 4-inch sizes
• Jerkshad comes in 5-inch & 6-inch sizes
• New Chrome tone colors: Chrome, Fools Gold, Green Chrome, Purple Chrome and Red Chrome
• Saltwater Gulp! bag only

MSRP $7.99