3 with “G” from La Crosse Elite Series

Courtesy of Alan McGuckin – Dynamic Sponsorships

Team Toyota’s Gerald Swindle, or as his bride LeAnn and close friends call him — “G” — has fished a bunch of pro derbies on the Upper Mississippi River at La Crosse, Wisconsin.


So, on the eve of 2022’s final Bassmaster Elite Series event, he answered three insightful questions with a wealth of perspective for fans following along this weekend.


Q: Name three things that come to mind first when you think of the Upper Mississippi at La Crosse.


“G”: Current, rocks on wing dams, and grass. Typically, you want this river about as high as Snoop Dogg and running as fast as Usain Bolt, but that’s dang sure not the case this week.


Q: After all the tournaments you’ve fished here, what three lures would you call your all-time MVP players?


“G”: Topwater frog, a heavy Texas rigged Zoom Z Craw to punch grass, and a topwater walking bait like Rapala’s Skitter V.


Q: What three storylines should fans pay attention to at this event?


G”: Pay attention to those guys you didn’t pick in your fantasy league, because the dark horses that are low in the AOY points race having nothing to lose, and a Classic berth to gain. That makes for a dangerous competitor.


Secondly, sand bars will be a factor like never beforewith the river so low. Sand bars attract shad, and that means bass will follow.


Lastly, watch for the guy who finds the magical patch of vegetation half the size of a football field.