Yamaha Power Pay Pick 3

Courtesy of Luke Stoner – Dynamic Sponsorships

Practice days, off days, and media obligations have concluded. Tomorrow morning is officially game time for the 55 competitors fishing in the 2023 Academy Sports + Outdoors Bassmaster Classic presented by Toyota. Bassmaster Elite Series pros Jason Christie, Carl Jocumsen, and Bryan New all come from vastly different places with independent backgrounds, but they have a common goal this weekend… to be the last man standing on Sunday.

On top of the most coveted trophy in the sport of bass fishing and the $300,000 payday that comes with it, there is a $20,000 Yamaha Power Pay bonus up for grabs for anglers running a Yamaha SHO Outboard this weekend. Though all three of these guys absolutely intend to win this Classic, they don’t need to win the event to win the Power Pay money, they just need to finish higher than the other Power Pay registered anglers.

Thursday’s Media Day marked the final off-the-water responsibility for the competing pros, so we used this time as a chance to catch up with these three Yamaha pros to get their picks heading into day one of competition.


Q – What are three lures / techniques you expect to play a major role in this tournament?

Bryan New – “A Damiki rig type bait like a Greenfish Tackle Bad Little Shad. A shallow crankbait like a Spro Speed Demon, and a jig. I’ll say the Greenfish Tackle Bad lil Dude finesse jig.”

Carl Jocumsen “I’m going to say the Rapala OG Tiny crankbait, a Bassman Spinnerbait, and and a simple jig will all be key players.”

Jason Christie – “Cranking will be key, both shallow and mid-depth cranking. A jerkbait could be a big player if a guy finds some fish that are just pulling up. And then a spinnerbait – we’re forecasted to have pretty strong winds and the spectator boat traffic will keep things churned up. I’m really hoping a spinnerbait plays.”


Q – Who are three anglers you’d pick to win this weekend on the Tennessee River?

Bryan New – “Greg Hackney, Taku Ito, and John Cox.”

Carl Jocumsen“I’d have to pick Brandon Palaniuk, Gussy (Jeff Gustafson), and Swindle. Then in brackets… me! But those three are my boys and could absolutely win this thing.”

Jason Christie “I’m going to say Hackney because he is Hackney… and he’s due. Gussy, because I think he’ll commit to catching all 18-inch smallmouth, and Swindle because I believe this could be a junk-fisherman’s Classic and he’s one of the best at that.”


Q – What are three differences between the Fort Loudon Reservoir and Tellico Lake?

Bryan New – “Pressure, water clarity and smallmouth. Tellico gets less fishing pressure, has cleaner water, and more smallmouth.”

Carl Jocumsen“I’d say color difference – Tellico has clearer water. Smallmouth vs largemouth, Loudon has fewer smallmouth than Tellico and maybe more largies. And current… Loudon has more current than Tellico.”

Jason Christie “Tellico is cleaner (clearer water), it’s steeper, and it doesn’t have as much current. Fort Loudon is a lot flatter than Tellico and has more color and current running through it.”


Q – What are three things you’ll spend the impressive $20,000 Power Pay bonus on if you win it?

Bryan New – “I’ve got a baby due in about 4 months. So, my answer is diapers times three.”

Carl Jocumsen“I’d use the money for a deposit to build a house here in Tennessee to go with our shop.”

Jason Christie “My girls and my fiancé really want horses. So, I think I’d use that money for some fences, and maybe a horse or two.”