X Zone Lures 3.25″ Hot Shot Minnow Release!

The much anticipated 3.25” Hot Shot Minnow is finally here! Released on March 4th, it came to the market, just on time for the 2022 Bassmasters Classic which started on March 4th.

The Hot Shot Minnow from X Zone Lures is the newest bait designed by Elite Series Pro, Brandon Palaniuk.Palaniuk’s attention to detail in bait design is matched by only the best bait designers in the fishing industry.

It is perfect for Drop Shot, Ned Rig and Damiki Rig presentations for Bass, Walleye and many other species.

It has been designed with a unique hook slot which allows for perfect rigging of the bait every time when using it on a drop shot rig. Its high buoyancy materials give it the perfect presentation for Ned Rigging.

The highly developed tail underwent multiple designs to get it just right to present an irresistible action that fish cannot resist.


The realistic body shape and high-quality materials (no cheap fillers) round out the features of this bait to make it a must have in your arsenal.


Applications include:


Drop Shot

Ned Rig

Neko Rig

Damiki Rig