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EGO Fishing Wade Nets are critical to lake, stream, and river shore/wade fishing success

Caldwell, ID (November 2, 2023) – Idaho, USA-based fishing accessories designer and manufacturer, EGO Fishing, offers 17 different nets to meet the wade-fishing needs of anglers across the globe.

Whether you’re fishing springfed, back-country trout streams, larger rivers, lake public access points, salty flats, or anywhere in between, EGO Fishing has the solution for you. Choose from three different sizes (small, medium, and large); various netting types including traditional nylon, rubber-coated nylon, clear/black rubber, or PVC-coated netting; and two different handles, either fixed length or Kryptek extending handle.

We know one thing (from lots of experience): nothing ends a happy fishing story like a fish dumped because we forgot the net. Whether the fish was intended for the table, a quick water’s surface release photo, or a high-hold to demonstrate prowess to throngs of other wading anglers, a good wading net is critical.

And especially this time of year, what with ongoing salmon and steelhead runs through winter; warm-water discharge river smallmouth bass bites; fluff-chucking for big brown trout; chasing minnow-gorging walleyes on smaller rivers; the fall/winter wade bite list goes on.



The downside to rubber mesh—clear or black—says Corbett, is it’s more expensive than other netting material options. It also has the most water drag and isn’t as durable as PVC options.

Rubber mesh works exceptionally for fish without fangs, like largemouth and smallmouth bass, and panfish. Releasing healthy fish is major tenet in bass fishing. Rubber mesh is gentle on their fins and doesn’t wipe away the slime.

“If you’re fishing for walleyes and you tie into a giant pike or muskie, it’s possible that the pike might slip through the bottom of a rubber mesh net because their teeth are so sharp. Pike can literally cut through rubber. If you’re fishing pike, rubber mesh is not the best option. However, we do have the right net for the job,” continues Corbett.

For pike, muskies, and toothy saltwater species, Corbett recommends EGO Fishing’s PVC net material options. EGO’s PVC material is a woven fabric that’s completely encased in another coating of PVC rubber. Like rubber mesh, PVC nets do not knot up.

While there are countless net options on the market—specifically fly fishing nets—EGO Fishing is likely the only company who spent the time talking with wade anglers of all walks to offer a wide range of options specifically for wade fishing—fly, spinning, center-pinning, you-name-it.

Two immediate benefits of EGO Fishing Wade Nets? First, they float – and second, many feature 11” handles.

EGO Fishing’s Three Net Hoop Sizes – An Option For Every Species

EGO Fishing offers three primary wade net sizes. All feature 11” handles but vary from small, medium, to large with 11” to 20” hoop depth in the small size; 20” to 28” hoop depth in the medium size; and 20” to 31” in large hook depth—all dependent on the netting material chosen.

Small wade nets feature a 14” x 16” hoop; medium measure 17” x 19”; and large comes in at 19” x 21”.


EGO Fishing Netting Material Options for Today’s Wade Angler

In terms of actual construction materials, EGO fishing utilizes aluminum, corrosion-resistant stainless steel parts, and polypropylene-injected molded parts, besides the obvious netting materials composed of clear and black rubber, PVC, nylon, and coated nylon.

We’re big fans of clear rubber mesh wade net material for three reasons: 1) It doesn’t spook fish; 2) It preserves fish slime coating for healthy release; 3) and last, it resists hook snags. It costs a little bit more than other EGO Fishing netting material options, but is worth the small upcharge. Specifically, many on our staff use the EGO Wade – Large Clear Rubber Net, which was bestowed Fish Alaska’s Editors’ Choice Award in 2019. This net features a lightweight, durable hexagonal extruded aluminum handle, innovative grip design, and an 11” elastic adjustable/removable tether. Features an 11” flat bottom bag depth, 19” x 21” hoop size, and 11” handle.


However, all wade anglers have their favorites—and depending on the species and locale—other options may be better suited to the application.

For example, some anglers like black rubber mesh, which is also very soft on the fish’s slime-like coating and fins. It also will not knot up when being used.

The downside to both clear and black rubber mesh is the material has the most water drag and isn’t quite as durable as some of EGO Fishing’s other options.

For anglers chasing toothy critters like pike, EGO Fishing Founder, Grant Corbett, recommends EGO’s PVC material, a woven fabric that’s completely encased in another coating of PVC rubber. Like rubber mesh, PVC nets do not knot up.

“Another bonus is that PVC net material is pretty easy on fish health for catch & release fishing. Plus, the woven fabric is a very difficult thing for pike, muskies, and toothy saltwater fish to cut through. So, PVC is actually the most durable landing net material option out there,” notes Corbett.

Other pluses to PVC net material? First, less water drag than rubber and it’s slightly less expensive. If there’s a downside, it’s that PVC net material is not quite as “hook friendly” as EGO Fishing’s clear or black rubber mesh options.

“In terms of sales, we sell more PVC netting than any other mesh type. It is the most common and popular landing net type out there,” concludes Corbett.

EGO Fishing also offers traditional nylon and coated nylonwade nets, the latter which prevents most hook snags, especially if you’re flinging flies and not using baits with multiple treble hooks. The other benefit with nylon EGO Fishing wade fishing net options is they’re extremely affordable.