Vegan Harasses Fishermen, Throws Back Fish – What Would You Do?

Animal rights activists have a well-deserved reputation for taking things too far. Lack of rationale is not reserved for teenage girls. Apparently, it is becoming fashionable for grown men to act as if they have no common sense and no restraint.

And to even use small children as pawns in their attacks on a wholesome pastime.

Consider the case two days ago of a militant vegan who harassed two men while they fished in a public park on Crescent Lake in St Petersburg, Fla.

The perpetrator filmed his own antics. The video shows his small child approach the men as a fresh-caught tilapia flops on the ground. The child asks the men to stop fishing because fish feel pain.

When the men quietly continue about their business, the role model father steps in and tries his best to escalate the situation into a full-blown conflict. He eventually steals their fish and throws it back into the lake.

Keeping a cool head, one of the anglers makes a phone call, presumably to the authorities while most viewers want to step into the screen and deck the antagonistic, holier than thou attention seeker who repeatedly informs us that he eats no meat products what so ever.

Question is, what should be done about this problem – not just this specific incident, but the actions of a very vocal, very, very small minority of folks who would not only choose to not fish or hunt but would also choose for YOU not to do so?

There are laws in Florida against hunter harassment and they convey to fishermen as well. But we see how much good that did our fishing friends in this case. Their trip was already ruined. What further steps, if any should we take? What happens when they take to the water to mess with boating anglers? What if they start disrupting bass tournaments? Any pertinent laws need to have enough teeth to stop this nonsense cold. And they must be fully enforced before it will do any good.

Watch for yourself: