Triple-Time Duty from EGO® Fishing

The new Kryptek FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER functions to keep fish lively for weigh-in, put fish on ice, and is a triple threat multiuse cooler.

Caldwell, ID (May 23, 2023) – You’ve heard the stories over the years. So-and-so would have won the big-money tournament if it hadn’t been for a dead fish at weigh-in.

A solution to similar sad stories, EGO is proud to offer the affordable and easy-to-carry FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER, designed from the ground up to provide a safe and friendly way for the tournament angler to transport fish to tournament weigh-ins, as well as ice fish for dinner, even chill beverages.

Large enough to contain a limit of bass—even kickers—EGO’s FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER spans 21” (L) x 4” (W) x 22” (H) and weighs a mere two pounds.

The Kryptek FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER comes standard with an aerator pocket so oxygen levels in the water can be maintained to help keep fish healthy.

In terms of construction, its soft but durable TPU performance fabric is the most advanced dry fabric available. You’ll love the technical feel and appreciate its strength.

The cooler’s lid zips shut with an advanced zipper that seals the contents and is easily opened and closed with an oversized and rugged zipper pull. There’s a handle on top, too, for a quick grab-and-go, as well as a pair of fabric side handles for humping it around when its full.

You’ll also welcome the FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER’s robust adjustable and removable shoulder sling, which features a sliding pad. Free up your hands for carrying rods and other gear.

Even cooler… pardon the pun… is the product’s dual use as a soft icebox/kill bag for the day’s catch.

Load with some ice before you hit the water, then spike, kill, and bleed your catch for the cleanest, blood-free fillets possible.

Moreover, the FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER triple-times to house beverages, lunch, and snacks with the addition of gel cold packs or frozen water bottles. The roominess is simply impressive. So, when it’s beach or bonfire time, you already own the perfect utilitarian cooler.

In summary, EGO’s FISH/WEIGH-IN COOLER transports fish live to the tournament stage, doubles as an icebox/kill bag for the fish harvest, and triples as an all-around premium food and beverage cooler. Doubt you can find a better multiuse investment…


  • High performance TPU performance fabric
  • Holds ice and/or water temps up to 12 hrs.
  • Provides controlled environment for weigh-in fish
  • Comfortable carry handles
  • Lightweight and easy to carry
  • Shoulder strap included

MSRP $189.99

Aerator not included