Strike King Releases New, More Efficient S11 “Spotlight” Yellow Lenses for Enhanced Visibility

Columbia, S.C. June 28, 2023 Strike King releases the S11 “Spotlight” Yellow lens color, agreed upon to be the most effective color for identifying movement and structure under the water, especially in dim conditions. Strike King’s new Spotlight Yellow lenses are the absolute #1 pick among Strike King Pro Staff during the entire year. S11 polarization with the yellow mirror finish work together to function as a “spotlight” for anglers to see further beneath the water than any other lens color. These lenses are extremely impactful when fishing in low light conditions, whether early in the morning, late in the evening, or during cloudy afternoons. The Spotlight Yellow bigradient lens is available in two frame colors, matte gray or matte black, and in four different frame styles Pickwick, Okeechobee, Caddo, and the new Eutaw. The solid, mattecolored frames assist in blocking out outside light and glare, enhancing the effectiveness of the glasses.

“I will use this ‘Spotlight’ Yellow lens 90% of the time. Whether you are actually looking at the fish, or just looking for cover beneath the surface that the fish may be holding on, looking through these lenses is similar to shining a ‘spotlight’ on them they can’t hide,” says Greg Hackney, Professional Angler in the Bassmaster Elite Series.

Look and fish like a pro without breaking the bank S11 “Spotlight” Yellow glasses are available in any frame for $39.99.

MSRP: $39.99