Strike King Introduces the Rage Ned Craw for ICAST 2020

Lexington, S.C. – July 10, 2020 – Building on the success created with their entry into the Ned Rigging game in 2019, Strike King introduces the new Rage Ned Craw for the 2021 tackle season.  The scaled down 2.75-inch bait will give Ned Rig fans the legendary action of a Rage Craw, but in a package specifically tailored to the popular finesse application.


Built on the foundation of patented Rage Tail flange at the claws, the Rage Ned Craw features a sharply ribbed body that is proportioned to perfectly match the circumference of the Tour Grade Ned Head, and finished with a flat tail piece to present a streamlined, flush pairing when rigged.  The Rage Tail claws are scaled to match the body, yet an exact duplication of the Rage Craw family.


Crispin Powley, Strike King’s Director of Product Development said that the Rage Ned Craw presented itself as the obvious direction to take the product line.  “We saw tremendous acceptance of the launch of our Ned Rig lineup by dealers and anglers last season, so adding to the lineup made sense,” said Powley.  “When we were looking for the next product, we landed on a version of the Rage Craw because it is the number one selling soft plastic in our product line, and anglers have begun stepping outside the straight bodied baits that Ned Rigging started with.”


Powley added that while designed for Ned Rigging, it is a multi-faceted lure.  “The Rage Ned Craw is also great for using as a trailer on finesse jigs like our Bitsy Bug and Bitsy Flip Jigs,” he said.  “It will also be effective on a drop shot rig, and a number of other finesse applications; it’s a great bait that anglers will find more uses for than we envisioned for it.”


The Rage Ned Craw will be available in a variety of Strike King’s popular colors and will be available in the fall of 2020.