Steve Sink and Tony Foster win the CBC on High Rock-take home $17,000

200 Boats turned out for the 2nd NC Div event of the year and the Tourament did not disappoint. Despite high water levels and very dingy water, the weights were outstanding accross the board with multipe sacks over 20 lbs and the winning bag being 23.81 Lbs! Sink and Foster not only won the $12,000 1st place prize but also won the Skeeter Bonus $$ of $5000 for their whopping $17,000 total. Here are some pictures and the top ten:


Michael Kinard and Tony Lambert with their 2nd place HaulMichael Kinard and Tony Lambert with their 2nd place Haul

Here is the Top 10:

1. Steve Sink and Tony Foster                          23.81                       $17,000

2. Michael Kinard and Tony Lambert                 23.76

3. Wayne Ingram and Bobby Gill                      22.99

4. David Wright and Jeff Coble                         22.90

5. Patrick Tierney and Todd Auten                   21.54

6. Robin Collins and Ronnie WHite                  20.19

7. David Shields and Chip Crews                    19.49

8. Todd Waters and Jason Threadgill               19.31

9. Jason Wilson and Kelly Logan                     19.16

10. Craig Chambers and Keith Ogden              18.98