Snag Proof SmashMouth Popping Frog

The SmashMouth Popping Frog is built around Snag Proof’s custom 5/0 double frog hook which rests perfectly on the back of the frog to make the frog virtually snag-proof and the point angle has been engineered for max hook-up ratio. The streamlined shape of the SmashMouth ensures impressive casting distance and the ability to SMASH through the thickest cover. 

Each SmashMouth body is digitally painted based on hand-designed colors by the award-winning, American lure designing legend, Andrew Gardner. The front end of the SmashMouth is engineered to maximize both popping action and water displacement to generate more bites while allowing the frog to track well when being worked aggressively in open water or through sparse cover. The versatility of the SnagProof SmashMouth makes it a MUST ADD to your frogging arsenal. Available in 12 color designs, the SmashMouth Popping Frog is the deal!