Snag Proof Returns with Reengineered Bobby’s Perfect and Phat Frogs

American Baitworks Brings New Life to two of the best selling topwater frogs ever made!

OCEAN SPRINGS, Mississippi (July 14, 2021) When American Baitworks acquired Snag Proof in 2018 we
knew that major improvements were needed in the product line. After almost 24 months of developing a new
manufacturing process, product design, proprietary hook development, all new color patterns and upgraded
packaging, the new Bobby’s Perfect and Phat Frogs have arrived.

Snag Proof Bobby’s Perfect Frog

Just like Bobby’s Original Perfect Frog, the Bobby’s Perfect 2.0 has been made even more effective. Working
with the original designer Bobby Barrack, the all-new Bobby’s Perfect has undergone a complete

All new features in the Bobby’s Perfect Frog make it unbeatable:

1. Water Evac System – designed to naturally expel any water infiltration while the frog is being fished for unbeatable buoyancy and consistent performance
2. Rear-weighted balance – Snag Proof’s design is engineered to keep the frog heads-up when stationary and deliver maximum action when worked through sparse or the thickest of cover
3. Braid-secure Line Tie – Snag Proof’s machine-welded line tie eliminates even the slickest braided lines from slipping through the eye of the two-piece through-wire hook system
4. Super Hollow Body – The hollow cavity design of Snag Proof frogs works together with our super-soft injection molded body and Water Evac System maximizing body compression and delivering higher percentage hook ups
5. 15 New 360-degree Hand Designed Graphics – Each Snag Proof design is created right here in the USA by our internationally renowned and award-winning lure designer Andrew Gardner. Snag Proof designs cover 360 degrees of the frog body so EVERY angle a fish sees is covered in 15 new designs

Another key feature developed by the master himself, Bobby Barrack, is how easily the frog will walk-the-dog. Bobby’s Perfect Frogs will walk-the-dog much more efficiently because we trimmed the portion of the bait that the rubber legs run through. This reduces the amount of plastic on the end of the bait for less resistance and less material to get in the way of setting the hook. The Bobby’s Perfect frog will be available at tackle retailers across the country in Fall 2021



Snag Proof Phat Frog

Completely redesigned from front to back, the new Snag Proof Phat Frog features a flatter profile to help it track smoothly through the weeds with legs that are set farther back for improved hook-up ratios and terrific walkability. Built with a new injection process, each Phat frog is made with a consistent shape and super soft hollow body, so they collapse easily to expose the razor-sharp hooks. Snag Proof’s new machine welded line tie eliminates the gap that previously existed, so there is no chance of losing fish from slick braided lines slipping.

Engineered with a rear button weight to keep the frog in a head-up position, the Phat frog always has the optimal posture to produce maximum action and the weight will never fall out. An innovative water evacuation system naturally expels any water infiltration during a cast for unbeatable buoyancy and consistent performance. Designed and created in the USA by internationally renowned and award-winning lure designer Andrew Gardner, the Snag Proof Phat Frog is available in new paint designs that cover 360-degrees of the frog body so every angle the fish can see is covered. The Phat Frog is now available at tackle retailers across the country.