Scary Boating Accident captured on Action Cam – Reminder to wear your Lifejacket and Kill Switch!

From YOUTUBE of UF Bass Fishing Team and BlandBrothersFilms

Hunter Bland and Conner Young of the University of Florida Bass Fishing Team, get ejected from their boat while running approx. 57 mph during the FLW College Bass Fishing event sponsored by YETI.

This was due to a steering system part failure. Both young men were not injured and were able to get back in the boat on their own power

“Praise God they were okay!”

Guys, Please, its too early in the year for us to lose a fisherman or a team, please make sure and were your lifejackets AND Kill Switches and Tournament Directors, please make sure and enforce the use of both devices while the BIG motor is running, They just might save your life!