Rhino Hitch – The Most Versatile Adjustable Hitch on the Market & Made in the USA!!

Rhino Hitch products are both beautiful and strong, like our namesake animal. If you have been searching for the best custom adjustable hitch for your truck, then look no further! The Rhino Hitch is the most versatile, custom adjustable hitch on the market today and we proudly manufacture our custom hitches here in the USA. Our tow hitch is rated to pull up to 14,000 pounds of cargo. So, it really doesn’t matter if you’re hauling a boat for a day on the lake, a motor home for a trip to the dunes, or a trailer full of equipment for your job, because the adjustable Rhino Hitch will pull anything within the weight limit. More than that, we assure you that the hitches are sturdily built using high-quality billet aluminum. With few moving parts and fastened by industrial-strength screws, your Rhino Hitch ensures a lifetime of heavy lifting.

Superior Custom Adjustable Steel and Aluminum Hitches

The Rhino Hitch is manufactured to last for years of grueling towing. We are confident that the 9″ of vertical travel will be exactly what you need for your towing convenience.

Rhino Hitch customers have the option to choose between our steel powder coated black finish and our aluminum made hitches in polished or brushed finishes. The aluminum hitches are great for that super aesthetic appeal and the steel hitch is great for that rough and tough look.

Best of all, our hitches are easy to use. Simply pull the side pin and move your hitch up or down to accommodate where your trailer needs to ride. Your Rhino Hitch will be the envy of your friends wherever you go! Whether you’re at the lake, the dunes, the race track, or in the mountains, you can relax knowing that whatever you are towing will be kept safely behind your truck.

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