Redesigned TATULA 100 at a Great Price

Angler-appealing TATULA 100 entered into ICAST 2023 New Product Showcase and will be available to test at ICAST On the Water, Tuesday, July 11th

FOOTHILL RANCH, CA (July 10, 2023) – Just when you thought the in-demand TATULA reel family couldn’t get any better, DAIWA unleashes a redesigned, and incredibly affordable TATULA 100 that’s extremely palmable and ultra-ergonomic. Daiwa’s progressive product development team redesigned the new TATULA 100 to bring anglers an option perfect for a variety of bass fishing applications.

“We’ve added two significant new features,” says DAIWA marketing manager, Marc Mills. “The first is a new, thinner and lighter 7075 aircraft-grade aluminum spool for greater casting distance and more control. We thinned down the walls of the spool while retaining its rigidity. Ultimately, we created a farther-casting reel with better braking system.”

Mills adds: “We also went to HYPERDRIVE gearing. You find that in our higher end models like STEEZ and ZILLION, but now it’s in the TATULA 100, too, allowing better rotation, durability, while keeping a super-fluid feel to allow the angler to focus more on what’s happening in the water than feeling the rotation when you turn the handle. When you do hang a fish or work a lure it’s noticeably smoother. You can’t feel the gears touch. It’s super smooth.”

What makes the new DAIWA TATULA 100 HYPERDRIVE DESIGN so special, a feature previously reserved for higher-end DAIWA baitcasting reels?

HYPERDRIVE DESIGN provides an ultra-smooth retrieve and powerful winding performance and is comprised of four key technologies: HYPERDRIVE DIGIGEAR, HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT, HYPER ARMED HOUSING, and HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH.

HYPER DRIVE DIGIGEAR makes the teeth of the gears more efficient at transferring power, therefore making the gear set feel smoother, more powerful, and reduces gear noise.


HYPER DOUBLE SUPPORT is a two-bearing support system for the reel’s pinion gear, which means no flex and an ultra-smooth retrieve/ gear rotation.

HYPER ARMED HOUSING comprises an aluminum frame and side plate for maximum rigidity and precision performance of the internal components.

And lastly, HYPER TOUGH CLUTCH is a redesigned and reinforced clutch mechanism that further increases durability and performance.



  • NEW A7075 Spool
  • T-Wing System (TWS)
  • Zero Adjuster
  • Aluminum frame
  • Ultimate Tournament Drag (UTD) Drag
  • 90mm Heavy Swept Handle
  • Available Gear Ratios: (6.3:1) (7.1:1) (8.1:1)

MSRP $179.99

If you’re considering a pro-grade baitcasting reel that won’t break the bank, look no further than DAIWA’s new TATULA 100… a reel intended to bring a whole new level of cutting-edge design, high-end performance, longevity, and stunning good looks to discerning anglers.