Saturday June 3rd, 2017 ~ Falls Lake ~ Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp

The 2017 Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass Trail Final Qualifier #7 at Falls Lake
produced another great turnout for the PBC Trails!!  The weather started out great with air temps about 62
degrees in the am on up to 84 in the pm. Water temps averaged 85. Winds were very light and variable all
day. A whopping total of 82 teams participated with most all of them weighing in fish. The bite at Falls is
really good at this time with a shallow bite in the am and when the sun comes out…fish deeper. The fish are
hungry after the spawn.

Falls Lake veterans Roy Gardner & George Pearce topped the big field weighing in 5 bass at 29.76 lbs. and
along with winning the TWT their winnings topped out at $2,880!!! The team found a honey hole early in the
week and it was loaded with some nice bass that nibbled on their large swimbaits this day!!

Sam & Matthew Jones had their best finish of the year taking 2nd place with 5 fish weighing 26.62 lbs. for a
total of $850 in winnings. 3rd Place was won by the team of Todd Massey & Tim Parker with 26.22 lbs. They
also won the 2nd Place TWT for a grand total of $1,300  The 1st Place Big Fish (9.36 lbs.) was caught by the
7th place team of Brad Crabtree & Jared Thaxton netting them total winnings of $1,510. The money was
spread around good today.

273 fish were weighed in for a total of 891 pounds for an average of 3.27 lbs. each. Most of the fish were
caught on WLS shaky heads, large swim baits, carolina rigs, trick worm rigs, topwater frogs, Carolina
Crankbaits, spinnerbaits & chatterbaits in 15 of water or less. The early morning topwater bite was good
and when the sun popped up, the fish went deeper and deep fished baits worked best then. The water was
about normal level and the surface temps averaged 86 degrees. The bass have pretty much finished
spawning and are very hungry at this time trying to get their strength back from having them little fry!!
Summertime fishing is here!!

I want to thank all the anglers that participated and all our sponsors that support this trail. Our next
tournament will be the Cashion Fishing Rods 2017 Spring Team Tournament Bass Trail Championship, June
10th also at Falls Lake out of  Ledge Rock Wildlife Ramp. This event will be for qualified teams only. All
the info can be found at this link: http://piedmontbassclassics.com/2017CashionSpringTrail.html

And finally ending our Spring events will be the 2017 Piedmont Bass Classics $10,000 Spring Team Bass
Trail Championship for qualified teams only at Kerr Lake out of  Flemingtown Landing Wildlife Ramp. All
the info can be found at this link: http://piedmontbassclassics.com/2017PBC10KSpringTrailMainPage.html  
All the information on our tournaments can be found http://piedmontbassclassics.com/

Now here are the full results:

1st Place: Rob Gardner & George Pearce of Durham…5 bass…29.76 lbs…$1,375
2nd Place: Sam & Matthew Jones of Clayton…5 bass…26.62 lbs…$850
3rd Place: Todd Massey & Tim Parker of Chapel Hill & New Hill…5 bass…26.22 lbs…$655
4th Place: Corey Linton & Marc Peck of Pikeville…5 bass…25.87 lbs…$590
5th Place: Bill Goodrich & Mark Beck of Pittsboro & Thomasville…5 bass…24.93 lbs…$520
6th Place: Dennis & Crystal Allen of Four Oakes…5 bass…21.73 lbs…$455
7th Place: Jared Thaxton & Brad Crabtree of Creedmoor…5 bass…21.40 lbs…$390
8th Place: K.C. Choosakul & Tim Penhollow of Sanford & Meban…5 bass…20.84 lbs…$325
9th Place: Ted Boyette & John Parrish of Kenly…5 bass…20.38 lbs…$270
10th Place: David Walton & Justin Young of Raleigh…5 bass…20.30 lbs…$250
11th Place: Stump Bledsoe & Glenn Elliott of Hope Mills & Fayetteville…5 bass…19.81 lbs…$210
12th Place: Billy Bledsoe & Brian McDonald of Grays Creek & Hope Mills…5 bass…19.15lbs…$175
13th Place: Robert Bristow & Alan Thomerson of Franklinton5 bass…17.75 lbs…$150
14th Place: Todd Sumner & Rich Szczerbala of Southern Pines & Apex5 bass…17.69 lbs…$130
15th Place: Matt Harrison & Rock Goss of Franklinton & Creedmoor…5 bass…17.42 lbs…$115
16th Place: Bubba Haywood & David Frye of Durham…5 bass…17.26 lbs…$100

1st Place Big Fish..7th Place Team above…9.36 lbs…$1,120
2nd Place Big Fish..11th Place Team above…7.76 lbs…$480

1st Place TWT..1st Place Team above…29.76 lbs…$1,505
2nd Place TWT..3rd Place Team above: 26.22 lbs…$645

Contact Information:
Phil McCarson…Tournament Director—922 Valetta Rd.—Durham, NC   27712
Home: 919-471-1571     Cell: 919-971-5042
email: [email protected]            website: http://piedmontbassclassics.c